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 Books and Publications  Dick Stern 1150 Linden Hall Road Boalsburg, Pennsylvania 16827 Acoustics Today welcomes contributions for “Books and Publications.” There is no charge for this service. Submissions of about 250 words that may be edited in MSWord or plain text files should be e-mailed to <>. Cover graphics should accompany the text and must be at least 300 dpi. Please send the text and graphics in separate files.   Title: Speech Spectrum Analysis Author: Sean A. Fulop Publisher: Springer-Verlag ISBN: 978-3-642-17477-3 Pages: 219 Binding: Hardcover, ebook (PDF) available The accurate determination of the speech spectrum, particularly for short frames, is commonly pursued in diverse areas including speech processing, recognition, and acoustic phonetics. With this book the author makes the subject of spectrum analysis understandable to a wide audience, including those with a solid background in digital signal processing and those without such background. In keeping with these goals, this is not a book that attempts to cover the material found in a general signal processing textbook. Some essentials of signal processing are presented in a preliminary chapter, but the concepts are presented in a generally understandable fashion as far as is possi- ble. Throughout the book, the focus is on applications to speech analysis; mathemati- cal theory is provided for completeness, but these developments are set off in boxes for optional reading by those with sufficient background. Other readers may proceed through the main text, where the key results and applications are presented in general heuristic terms, and illustrated with software routines and practical “show-and-tell” discussions of the results. Reference is made to the Praat speech analysis software to discuss many practical topics including spectrography and linear prediction. Additionally, MATLAB code to accompany the book is provided online, and if readers have the MATLAB package, they will be able to implement immediately routines for quadratic time-frequency distributions, reassigned spectrograms, and other proce- dures not normally included in turn-key software.  Editor’s Note—The items printed in “Books and Publications” are reported for informational purposes only and are not nec- essarily endorsements by the Editor, Acoustics Today, or the Acoustical Society of America. Books and Publications 51 

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