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Errata  Dick Stern 1150 Linden Hall Road Boalsburg, Pennsylvania 16827  It has been brought to my attention that a number of typographical errors occurred in the July 2011 issue of Acoustics Today. In the Tiemann et al. article on Animal Bioacoustics (page 35), the word “censuring” was used to describe underwater acoustic methods in studies of animals. The word should have been “censusing” (taking a census). In addition, one of the fig- ures was left out and its caption was used incorrectly on another figure. I apologize for the any confusion that might have occurred and listed below are the correct figures, with their correct captions.  Fig. 8. Amplitude versus time for all the clicks in one coda from Fig. 3 plotted. Amplitude in each click is offset for clarity.   Fig. 9. Normalized cross correlation value plotted versus click time. Christopher Tiemann click train analysis results indicated by red and green star colors. Click of speaking whale unchanged from previous click colored green, and click of speaking whale changed from previous click colored red, summarized as green: CT class(i)=class(i-1); red: CT class(i) not equal to CT class(i-1). For more than 98.5% of the clicks, green stars are above the threshold and red stars are below. Errata 57 

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