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 Acoustics Today A Publication of the Acoustical Society of America  Volume 7, Issue 4 October 2011   Cover: Playback experiments (in which recorded vocalizations are broadcast in the field to freely-behaving animals and responses are recorded) have shown that the extent of elephants’ defensive responses (bunching together, retreating) to the voices of elephants from the other family groups encountered within their range can be predicted by the frequency with which those animals are encountered. Photo by Jody Kreiman     6 From the Editor 6 From the Guest Editor Articles: 7 Voices and Listeners: Toward A Model of Voice Perception—Jody Kreiman and Diana Sidtis In a noisy world, familiar voices have special status for humans and for other animals from penguins to vervet monkeys. 16 Imitation in Speech—Molly Babel The phenomenon of phonetic imitation hints at the existence of some sort of relationship coupling speech perception and speech production, a relationship which is crucially moderated by internal language fac- tors like lexical frequency and external factors like social preferences. 24 Human Voice in Evolutionary Perspective—Michael J. Owren Basic biological forces affecting vocalization in other species have also shaped the human voice. 35 Phonetics of Endangered Languages—D. H. Whalen, Christian T. DiCanio, and Patricia A. Shaw Many of the world’s most unusual sounds are found in languages that are likely to fall silent in the near future. Departments: 44 International Commission for Acoustics—Michael Vorländer 46 Co-sponsored Meeting Report: Acoustic Communication by Animals Symposium—Mary Bates 48 Acoustical News—Elaine Moran Acoustical news from around the country and around the world. 51 Books and Publications—Dick Stern New and recent reports, publications, and brochures on acoustics. 54 Instrumentation—Dick Stern New and recent acoustic instrumentation and news about acoustic instrument manufacturers. 55 Passings—Dick Stern A farewell to colleagues. 57 Errata—Dick Stern Business Directory 58 Business card advertisements 59 Classified Classified advertisements, including positions offered and positions desired. 60 Index to Advertisers Table of Contents 5 

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