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  The VisiSonics RealSpace 5/64 Panoramic Audiovisual Camera is a product that provides real time visualization, capture, and process- ing of audio-visual scenes. The integrated RealSpaceTM camera contains sixty-four microphones and five color digital video- cameras mounted in an 8 inch sphere. Based on a next gener-
ation architecture that allows real-time audio-visual data cap-
ture and real-time processing by exploiting the computing abilities of graphics processors (GPUs), the device renders a seamless 360 degree panoramic video stream that allows easy
visual identification of sound sources, noise sources, and aber-
rant reflections, and enables spatially selective sound capture via real-time beamforming. The VisiSonicsTM Digital Array Microphones (VDAM) is our digital microphone system that users can easily group to form array configurations that they desire. Each microphone captures 24 bit sound at 48 kHz. The architecture allows up to 256 microphones to be connected in series or parallel to a small controller unit. These new digital arrays microphones provide an unmatched price / performance ratio that enable acoustic applications that were previously out of reach for many
users because of cost and complexity. For more information and pricing contact us at or call 240-25-SOUND (240-257-6863)
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