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                 REPORT OF ISO/TC 43, ACOUSTICS,
Robert D. Hellweg, Jr.
13 Pine Tree Rd. Wellesley, Massachusetts 02482
Jeff G. Schmitt
ViAcoustics Austin, Texas 78745
Laura Ann Wilber
422 Skokie Blvd. Wilmette, Illinois 60091
“WG 45 had a lively
Subcommittee 1, Noise (ISO/TC 43/SC 1), or their successor organizations.”
Quantifications of ASA Robert W. Young Travel Award
“An applicant for a Travel Award shall be a citizen of, and reside in, the USA. An applicant shall be an expert in a technical field applicable to one or more Working Groups of IEC/TC 29 or
The objective of the Acoustical
Society of America’s (ASA)
Robert W. Young Travel Awards
for Support of the Development of
International Standards in Acoustics is
to “provide limited financial support to
assist individual experts to participate
in the development of international
standards prepared by Technical
Committee 29, Electroacoustics, of
Electrotechnical Commission (IEC/TC 29), as well as by International Standards Organization (ISO) Technical Committee 43, Acoustics (ISO/TC43), and ISO/ TC 43
ISO/TC 43 or TC 43/SC 1. Applicants shall indicate a contin- uing interest in the activities of a Working Group(s) and shall be willing to actively participate in meetings of the Working Group(s) and to contribute to the development of drafts of
discussion on possible effects
from low frequency noise
and infrasound from
wind turbines.”
  Fig. 1 Meeting of ISO TC 43/SC 1 Working Group 28 in Florianopolis, Brazil, Tuesday, November 27, 2012. Left to right: Hideki Tachibana (Japan), Stephen Keith (Canada), Hans Kornprobst, WG Secretary (Germany), Jung Min-Kook (Korea), Brad Moulton (USA), Robert Hellweg, chair of meeting (USA), Jeff Schmitt (USA), Jean Jacques (France), Volker Wittstock (Germany), Hans Jonasson (Sweden), Leif Nielsen, Secretary of ISO TC 43/SC 1 (Denmark). (Photo credit: Lotte Sørensen, Denmark)
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