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Acoustical Society Finances
    Figure 4. ASA expenses.
ardship, states that the “ASA engages in wise, strategic stew- ardship to ensure sufficient resources to deliver maximum value both now and in the future.” To this end, the Executive Council approved the formation of a finance committee to work in partnership with the treasurer to provide financial oversight for the ASA, including budgeting, financial plan- ning, and financial reporting.
David Feit, a member of the Acoustical Society of America since 1967, became treasurer in 2001. After graduation from Columbia University with a ScD in en- gineering, he joined Cambridge Acous- tical Associates where he coauthored with Miguel Junger Sound Structures
and Their Interaction. In 1973, he joined the David Taylor Model Basin and conducted research in vibrations and struc- tural acoustics. Dr. Feit received the Per Brüel Gold Medal from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Trent-Crede Medal from the Acoustical Society of America.
Holland, C. K., and Fox, S. E. (2016). From the President and Executive Director. Acoustics Today 12(1), 7 and 10.
 the steadily increasing costs of the Society’s activities are be- ing subsidized by the transfers from the unrestricted assets. To overcome this deficiency, a number of strategies should be considered. These can include the raising of rates such as journal prices, meeting registration fees, and member dues. Although the latter strategies can help the finances of existing programs and services, it is also possible that there are limits on how much these rates can be raised without losing subscribers or even members. Instead, it will be far more important (though a large challenge) to develop new revenue-producing programs and services, and this is the ultimate goal of the strategic planning process that began in 2014, resulting in the Strategic Leadership for the Future Plan (Holland and Fox, 2016). Goal 4 of this plan, Financial Stew-
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  ANSI-Accredited Standards Committees and U.S. Technical Advisory Groups to ISO and IEC for committees dealing with: Acoustics; Mechanical Vibration, Shock and Condition Monitoring; Bioacoustics; Animal Bioacoustics; Noise;
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