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porated a not-for-profit foundation, registered in the State of New York. The purpose of that foundation, as stated in its Certificate of Incorporation, was, “to assist the Society in the furtherance of its corporate purposes by conducting fund- raising activities, maintaining an endowment, and granting funds, and by such other means as shall from time to time be found appropriate in supporting and benefiting the Soci- ety.” The foundation grew through the generous support of its initial leaders and the ASA membership.
Over time, the Executive Council looked to integrate the separate foundation more closely into the Society to stream- line operations, provide administrative support, give profes- sional management to funds and operations, and coordinate common goals. This merger was completed in October 2009, and then the original separate foundation ceased to exist. Its activities were fully integrated into the Society as a “Fund” in the structure of the ASA, with the name recognition of the original Foundation. The money in the Fund (that is, the Fund’s funds) is separate from the rest of the ASA budget but is professionally managed by the investment advisors of the ASA, as described in the article by David Feit on the ASA budget in this issue of Acoustics Today.
The Fund is operated by the nine members of the Acoustical Society Foundation Board; the chair must be a Fellow of the ASA and the members serve three-year overlapping terms. The Board meets at each ASA meeting.
Hunt Fellowship: Time to Celebrate
upcoming New Orleans meeting (ASA #174) to honor the awardees. Because of the role the Fund has in supporting the Hunt Fellowship, the Board is helping to organize this recognition. More news to follow.
New Initiatives
Although the number of prizes and amounts that are award- ed by the Fund has increased over the past few years, the Board is eager to pursue new horizons for the future that in- volve, of course, raising money. We enjoy the challenge and are very eager to expand our support for the Society and to engage more of the membership to make donations for our common cause. We would like each and every member of the ASA to feel that his or her contribution, large or small, is being used for productive and worthwhile causes and that the donations enhance the excitement and rewards of being part of the ASA.
Toward that goal, the Board is eager to help the Executive Council address a growing desire to support early-career acousticians and promote leadership capabilities within the Society. With the encouragement of the Executive Council, we are initiating a new campaign to develop a fund that will support grants and scholarship for early-career endeavors. You will be hearing more about this fundraising campaign, which is tied in to the Hunt Fellowship celebration. Our tar- get is to raise $300,000 over a two-year period, and, most importantly, we aim to enlist support from a wide range of the ASA community.
On behalf of the Board, I am eager and available to answer your questions about the Acoustical Society Foundation Fund.
Carl Rosenberg received a master’s de- gree in architecture from MIT and began his acoustics career as an acolyte of Bob Newman at Bolt, Beranek, and Newman (BBN). He transitioned to Acentech when the acoustics consulting group spun off from BBN and has continued his consult-
ing career there in management and leadership positions. He is a member of the Technical Committee on Architec- tural Acoustics, has reviewed patents for The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, and is currently chair of the Acoustical Society Foundation Board.
The largest portion of the Fund’s resources is targeted and reserved for the Hunt Fellowship. Due to inflation and the increased costs of education, the ASA found that the origi- nally donated funds were not sufficient to support the Fel- lowship in the manner in which it was intended. So over the years, the Executive Council provided supplementary resources to augment the original gift. In 2015, the Execu- tive Council transferred a total of $2 million to the Fund to provide a permanent financial base for the Hunt Fellowship. The Board is now confident that this places the annual Fel- lowship on a sound financial footing for many, many years to come and that the Fellowship will remain a hallmark of the commitment of the ASA to our profession.
An effort is underway to commemorate the 40 years of out- standing accomplishments of the Society’s investment in the Hunt Fellowship, and there will be a celebration at the
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