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La Semaine du Son
Son in 2013 in France, Christian Hugonnet talked about the effects of noise in an interview on French Radio RFI (https://
Techniques for Recording and Sound Reinforcement
The activities in this topic are oriented toward two main ob- jectives. The first is on sound and sound technology edu- cation, starting with the youngest child and continuing to professional levels. The second is the development of sound archives to collect and maintain our sound heritage.
Examples of activities on this topic can be found in the meet- ing reports of August 20-26, 2013, and May 12, 2016, of the Argentine section of the Audio Engineering Society (https:// and in meeting reports of August 25, 2014, and November 4, 2015, of the Colombian section of the Au- dio Engineering Society (
Sound and Picture Relationship
as well as a way to fight against violence and exclusion. The initiative includes the promotion of places for collective mu- sical practice in educational buildings and encouraging and facilitating musical practice not only at educational places but also at family and society events.
One example of these activities is the performance during La Semana del Sonido 2012 in La Plata, Argentina, of a com- position by Daniel Teruggi for tape and piano called “Au- tumn Song,” with pianist Nora García and Daniel Teruggi operating recorded material and mixer. A video of that per- formance can be found at Another example is the staircase at the administrative center in Brussels that was converted into a giant xylophone as part of The Week of Sound 2014. Each step produces a different xylophone sound under the pitch pressure as seen in this video at Jam sessions, mu- sical presentations, and combined presentations as well as expositions on the physical, technological, social, and other aspects of music and musical practice take place in every Week of Sound.
La Semaine du Son is one of the very interesting initiatives hap- pening internationally with sound and acoustics. Future Sound Perspectives articles will cover other international topics.
Ernesto Accolti is a professor at the Na- tional University of San Juan in Argen- tina. He received an engineering degree in sound and acoustics from the Techno- logical University of Chile and a PhD in engineering from the National Univer- sity of Rosario in Argentina. He is con- cluding a postdoctoral fellowship from
the Argentine National Scientific and Technical Research Council. He is an Acoustics Today intern and served in the organization of La Semana del Sonido in Argentina.
The main objective of this topic is to address the impor- tance of sound and acoustics in audiovisual productions. The initiative considers sound design as an integral part of audiovisual work and live performance. The goals directly related with sound quality are to improve the sound quality of multimedia devices, integrate sound design into any event soundtrack, and encourage the development of cinema the- aters with good acoustics. Other goals include regulations on loudness in broadcasting, teaching children about the quality relationships of sound and picture, and recognizing the cre- ative contributions of professionals involved in sound design.
An interesting example of this topic is the workshop given by Jorge Arriagada, a well-known Chilean film composer, on music composition for films during La Semana del Sonido 2015 in Mérida, Venezuela ( Also during that Week of Sound in Mérida, David Rivera gave a conference on sound in US movies (http://acousticstoday. org/cinema).
Musical Expressions and Practice
The main idea of this topic involves the promotion of mu- sical practice as a very interesting form to develop abilities and skills related to memory, teamwork, and socialization
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