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An Experimentalist’s View of Acoustics and Vibration
Steven L. Garrett
Series: Graduate Texts
in Physics
Copyright: 2017 Publisher: Springer International Publishing Copyright Holder: Springer International Publishing AG Hardcover:
ISBN 978-3-319-49976-5 Series ISSN: 1868-4513 Edition Number: 1
Number of Pages: XXXI, 896
Number of Illustrations and Tables: 320 b/w illustrations, 81 color illustrations
Topics: Fluid and Aerodynamics
• Provides graduate-level treatment of acoustics and vibra-
tion suitable for use in courses and for self-guided study
• Highlights fundamental physical principles that can pro- vide independent tests of the validity of numerical solu-
tions and computer simulations
• Demonstrates use of approximation techniques that great-
ly simplify the mathematics without substantial decrease
in accuracy
• Includes end-of-chapter problems and “Talk Like an Acous-
tician” boxes to highlight key terms introduced in the text
This textbook provides a unified approach to acoustics and vibration suitable for use in advanced undergraduate and first-year graduate courses on vibration and fluids. The book includes thorough treatment of vibration of harmonic oscil- lators, coupled oscillators, isotropic elasticity, and waves in solids including the use of resonance techniques for deter- mination of elastic moduli. Drawing on 35 years of experi-
ence teaching introductory graduate acoustics at the Naval Postgraduate School and Penn State, the author presents a hydrodynamic approach to the acoustics of sound in flu- ids that provides a uniform methodology for analysis of lumped-element systems and wave propagation that can in- corporate attenuation mechanisms and complex media. This view provides a consistent and reliable approach that can be extended with confidence to more complex fluids and future applications. Understanding Acoustics opens with a math- ematical introduction that includes graphing and statistical uncertainty, followed by five chapters on vibration and elastic waves that provide important results and highlight modern applications while introducing analytical techniques that are revisited in the study of waves in fluids covered in Part II. A unified approach to waves in fluids (i.e., liquids and gases) is based on a mastery of the hydrodynamic equations. Part III demonstrates extensions of this view to nonlinear acoustics. Engaging and practical, this book is a must-read for gradu- ate students in acoustics and vibration as well as active re- searchers interested in a novel approach to the material.
About the Author
Steven L. Garrett received his PhD in Physics from UCLA in 1977. He continued research in quantum fluids at the Uni- versity of Sussex in England, followed by two years in the Physics Department at the University of California at Berke- ley as a Fellow of the Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science. Prof. Garrett joined the faculty of the Naval Post- graduate School in 1982 where his research efforts were concentrated on the development of fiber-optic sensors and thermoacoustic refrigerators. Prof. Garrett left NPS in 1995 to assume his current position as a Professor of Acoustics in the Graduate Program in Acoustics at Penn State. In 2001, he was a Fulbright Fellow at the Danish Technical Univer- sity and in 2008 a Jefferson Fellow in the US State Depart- ment. Prof. Garrett is a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America and recipient of their Interdisciplinary Medal in Physical and Engineering Acoustics as well as the Popular Science Magazine Award for Environmental Technology, the Helen Caldecott Award for Environmental Technology, and the Rolex Award for Enterprise (environment category). He has been issued over two dozen patents.
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