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                                                                        Isadore Rudnick
Seth Putterman is professor of physics at the University of California, Los An- geles (UCLA). He received a BS from Caltech and a PhD from The Rockefell- er University under George Uhlenbeck. Putterman’s thesis on the macroscopic theory of superfluids was followed by
research in acoustics, nonlinear fluid mechanics, phenom- ena that spontaneously concentrate energy density, and in- termittency in fluorescence. Findings include kink solitons in water, picosecond sonoluminescence, X-ray emission from triboelectrification, and crystal-generated nuclear fusion. Putterman was named the UCLA 2010-2011 Fac- ulty Research Lecturer. Nature profiled his out-of-the- mainstream approach to science in the October 2005 issue (
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