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Sound Perspectives also has the second in our series on “Ask and Acoustician” written by AT Associate Editor Micheal Dent. Micheal introduces us to Whitney Coyle, a physicist who does research on the clarinet. The fact that Whitney works on woodwinds and we have an article on the same topic in this issue is purely coincidental but nicely comple- mentary. Although the first two Ask an Acoustician articles featured younger ASA members, future articles will include more senior colleagues. Micheal is always on the lookout for suggestions for people to interview, so don’t hesitate to write her if you have any ideas (
The last Sound Perspectives piece is a new series in AT that I am hoping we can continue, but inclusion in this series has a VERY high bar. The piece by Peter Worcester celebrates Wal- ter Munk’s 100th birthday. We would be delighted to include other such celebrations in AT; the criteria are that the hon- oree must be a distinguished member of the ASA and still be reasonably active in their field, as is Walter. If you know of such celebrations, please contact me (
 NEWS from the Acoustical Society Foundation Fund
Gift Acceptance Policy
The Foundation recently received a request from a po- tential donor for help in establishing a trust in his estate for future awards and scholarships at the Acoustical Society of America (ASA). What a wonderful, forward- thinking estate-planning endeavor. I was pleased to share with this donor that the ASA has an established Gift Acceptance Policy, which was developed by the Foundation Board with coordination and implementa- tion by ASA’s legal counsel and the Executive Council.
These policy guidelines will be posted on the Founda- tion’s tab on the ASA website. Most any and all gifts of established value are acceptable and welcome (for ex- ample, life insurance policies, tangible personal prop- erty, publically traded securities, and let’s not forget that old standby cash). The Executive Council has the final responsibility for interpretation of this policy.
We can also help establish the formation of living trusts or participation in the Foundation’s Pooled Income Fund, which is like a charitable annuity to provide life- time income for the donor and long-term support of the ASA in the future.
If you would like to discuss further plans for a be- quest or for making a lasting contribution to the ASA through a trust or will, please contact the Foundation and we can review together the Gift Acceptance Policy and make plans to best suit your wishes for a lasting and meaningful commemorative donation.
Carl Rosenberg
Chair, Acoustical Society Foundation Board
   Mission of the Acoustical Society Foundation Board:
To support the mission of the ASA by developing financial resources for strategic initiatives and special purposes.
 ASFF For more information, contact Carl Rosenberg at
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