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Archives and History
Dana L. Kirkegaard, 1994-1997; Edith L. R. Corliss, 1997- 1999; Henry E. Bass, 1999-2004; Julian D. Maynard, 2004- 2010; Victor W. Sparrow, 2010-2016; Fredericka Bell-Berti, 2016-), we have been considering how to go about complet- ing this daunting task; although some of our materials can be archived at the AIP Niels Bohr Library and Archives, not all of our materials are appropriate for that solution.
How Acoustical Society of America Members Can Help the Committee
ASA members represent an incredibly broad spectrum of dis- ciplines, and even though the membership of the committee represents all the technical committee areas, we cannot pre- serve the record of the ASA and its membership without your
help. We welcome suggestions for existing and new projects, including volunteers to conduct Oral History interviews and cosponsoring Special Sessions. Indeed, the Special Session at the New Orleans meeting for recipients of the Hunt Fellow- ship began with a suggestion from a member of the Archives and History Committee. We are also interested in helping to preserve acoustical archives that are not part of the collection of the ASA; we have, for example, arranged to have books from personal collections donated to the AIP library or for those books already in that library, donated to a university library.
The takeaway message that I want to leave with you is this: we want your help. If you are interested in helping, please contact the author at or
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