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Volume 14 | Issue 4 | Wmter 2018
AC 1."--C
\Sf\ A Publication of the Acoustical Society of America
5 From the Editor Sound Perspectives
7 From the President _ _
5 6 Ask an Acoustician — Sandra Gardnn—Salant and
Featured Articles
ED ASA Chapters: Form and Function — Kenneth W Good,

‘I D Hearing and Aging Effects on Speech Understanding: jg, and jaegb M_ Mauek

Challenges and Solutions — Samira Anderson, Sandra _ _

Gordomsalant) and Jud), R_ Dubm, 63 Technical Specialty]; Group Report: Computational

A ' — D. K ' W'ls

Development of effective, evidence—based solutions to coustlcs ext 1 0"

overcoming communication barriers imposed by E 5 ASA at the 2013 Intel International Science and

hearing loss is critical in our rapidly aging population. Engineering Fair _ jefiiey Vippe,-man
1 3 Deep Language Learning _ Steven Greenberg 6 9 “Listen Up! And Get Involved” — Tracianne B. Neilsen

How technology enhances language instruction. and L’ Keel“ Jones
2 B Archaeoacoustics: Re— Material Culture D E P 8 Pt H1 9 I1 I: S

— Miriam A. Kolar H

E F da ' — H. M '

Archaeoacoustics probes the dynamical potential 4 mm mm Report James 1 er

of archaeological materials, producing nuanced 7 2 Obituary — Robert Hickling I 1931-2017

understandings of sonic communication, and

re—sounding silenced places and objects. 7 3 ASA Press B‘-'01‘ A-“n°““c°m"mt5

Nonlinear Ultrasonic and Vibro—Acoustical Techniques

3 3 From SP“-“ik t° 5P“‘9XQ= 50 Yea“ °f Rocket L3‘-“Eh for Nondestructive Evaluation — Tribikram Kundu

Acoustics — Caroline P. Lubert U d A S 81 P M d 1m

t ti ‘ ‘ : ‘ ,
The field of rocket launch noise is 60 years old and has D:te::1l:::ndca,;§: _ 5:15;? A173“; 0! mg
a lot to celebrate!
The Science of Musical Sound: Volume 1: Stringed

4 7 Advancements in Thermophones: Sound Generation Instr-1l.mentS, Pipe Organs,‘ and the Human Voice ‘

from Nmosmpic Heaters _ Nathanael Maya — Wtllzam R. Bennett‘, ]r., edzted by Andrew C.H. MDTTISOI1

Researchers adapt solid—state sound»generat_ion E5355 0f A1'1th1‘°P°SeniC Noise 0“ Animals ‘ edlted by

techniques discovered shortly after the invention of H4715 5l¢1l7l7Ek00m: R059” Dooling. A"tl|W’N- POPPBT: and

the telephone Richard R. Fay

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About The Cover
 From ‘I/irchaeaacoustics: Re-Sounding Material
Culture “ by Miriam A. Kalar. Photography by
Iosé L. Cruzada Coronel, for Prugruma de Inves-
tigacién Arqueolégica y Conservacién Chavfn de
Huantar, of Chavln pututu (Strombus Lobatus
 galzatus shell ham), currently on display in the
H  Museo Nacional Chavin, Ancash, Peru.

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