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From Sputnik to Bpacax
Tsutsumi, S., Kato, S., Fukuda, I(., Takald, R, and Ui, K. (2009). Effect of de- Bioskatch
flector shape on acoustic field of launch vehicle at liftoif. In Proceedings of  -
the 47th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting including ‘1'he New Horizons Fo- _ . K
mm and Aerospace Exposition, Orlando, FL, January 5-8, 2009, p. 328. Caroline P‘ Lube“: 15 a Professor °fmath'
Tsutsumi, S., Maruyama, S., Sarae, W, Terashima, K., Hiraiwa, T., _ ematics at Iames Madison University,
1:: flshii,  (2016). Development of aero—viibro 3COa1:iSfiCS meth— Harfisonburgl VA_ she obtained her dc-
0 or pre 'cting acoustic environment insi e payio fairing at , - ~ - _
lift-oif. The Ioumul of the Acoustical Society of America 140, 3096. A g_ree  mathemaucs anld he? PhD m en . gmeemlg f1'°m the Un1V9T51tY 0f E39133
Vamier, 1. (2001). Experimental study and simulation ofrocket engine free ' Devon, UK. Her aeroacoustics laboratory
jlzagsiiolsseégimericm Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Iournul 39, focuses on the noise emitted by turbulent
lnswanalhall, K” Swan, E K, Czech, M. L Garbmlk, A" and Slim, M. Coaildalwall jets, which are used in a multitude of industrial
(2012).Tailored nozzles for jet plume control and noise reduction. Ameri'- apphcatlons but! l111f°I‘tUI1fit¢1)G also often Produce U-“W3-m‘
can Institute ofAeronuuti‘cs and Astronautics Ioumul 50,2115-2134. ed and harmful noise. Her research has recently focused on
modeling the t:urbulence- generated noise emitted during lift-
off of the Antares rocket, which resupplies the International
Space Station and launches from Wallops Island, VA.
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/-A,////”/,’*' 4 $\r\c‘\*\“i/  /4 %
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 ./ ‘*7 . .
Acoustical Society Foundation Fund
New Jam E. West:
Scholarship Fund
For over 25 years, The Society has sponsored a fellow- The Foundation is set up for just this purpose and is
ship with the goal of supporting minority students in pleased to be able to serve the Society in this manner.
theirlpursuit of graduate-level degrees ‘in acoustics. To The Fellowship will herewith be known as the lames
be ehgible for the fellowship, the apphcaut must have E West Fellowship in honor of James E west former
Pefimanenzlresigency or ‘fitizelfhip  th_e Us or C;1ad_a President of ASA, who was also a recipient of the Na-
an must S0 e a_ mem er 0 a mm°_nty gr°up_ at 15 tional Medal of Technology and Innovation, and an
undenepfesented In the scle11c‘eS' This Fenowshll? fill‘ elected member of the National Academy of Engineer-
fims fie lillghlist gaff-igfshe S1Tclety' In thgigil; fins fa‘ ing. Naming the Fellowship in this mariner gives honor
_°ws P as em 6 eac year out 0 operab to leadership of ASA. Additional contributions can be
mg budget‘ directed to the Fund in Dr. West’s honor.
At the recent ASA meeting in Minneapolis, the Ex-
ecutive Council took action to assure the permanent Iames H. Miller
support of the Fellowship by providing funds to the Chair, Acausticalsaciety Foundation Board
ASA Foundation Fund for long-term endowment.
Mission of the Acoustical Society Foundation Board:
To support the mission of the ASA by develapingfinancial resources for strategic initiatives and special purposes.
For more information, contact Iames H. Miller at
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