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The remaining topics in the preceding list might be regarded consider participating in our activities in this exciting and
as activities that support, enhance, or leverage development growing area of acoustical research!
of conventional numerical methods. The TSG can play a R
valuable role, for example, by promoting technical exchange  
between researchers on computational methods and best B%“¥'B$(‘)’;‘- II’: LiPke"‘_5» B-»f1';‘i:ll°i5» L-»1iHa:"1‘°“-  ‘*“1‘:B1al:kft°°k»
practices. This may involve holding special sessions and M‘0d'e§mg iiflirogzgfizgco 31 aclfuginicl: :1; ifignpmgfii $l:r::xe1.::_'
workshops on recent advances in computational techniques, tion. ’1'he journal of the Acoustical Society ofAmerica 111, 487-498.
websites to facilitate code exchange and crowd-based devel- Castor, K., and Sturm, F. (2008). Investigation of 3D acoustical effects using
opment, formulation of benchmarks (Hornikx et al., 2015), ‘::‘?“1fi}’:°°°55tl“8 1P:(l;)3l2l’)°1li§;<11“6i12ti011 based a1g0rithm- Ioumal 0fC0mP"'
. . . a 1071“ C0115 ICS , - .

and shanng of expenences wlth new software tools‘ Hornikx, M., Kaltenbacher, M., and Marburg, S. (2015). A platform for

_ _ benchmark cases in computational acoustics. Acta Acustica united with
The CA TSG looks forward to fostering interactions with Amm~m101,811_32o_
other ASA TCs. For example, in the rapidly growing field Iensen.F.B.. Kuperman,W.A., Porter, M. B., and Schmidt. H. (20l1)- Com-
of machine learning (data_dl.iVen) computational meth_ putational Ocean Acoustics, 2nd ed. Springer—Verlag, New York.

d h , al 1 _ h h _ al P _ Marburg, S., and Nolte, B. (2008). Computational Acoustics of Noise Propa-
O S’ t ere 15 3 natur over ap wlt t e Slgn rocessmg gation in Fluids: Finite and Boundary Element Methods. Springer—Verlag,
in Acoustics TC. We also look forward to interactions with Berlin Heidelberg.
other societies that have already established groups in com- Ostashew  E-x and Wilson; D- K- (2016)- Acoustics 1'" M0V1'"g 1"h0m0£9-

. . . neous Me ia. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL.
Pfltétlonal acoustlcs’ such as the European Acoustlcs Asso Salomons, E. M. (2012). Computational Atmospheric Acoustics. Springer
c1at1on. We hope to encourage a stronger ASA presence at Netherlands, The Net1.‘er1andS_
international conferences on computational acoustics and Tam, C. K, and Auriault, L. (1996). Time-domain impedance boundary con-
perhaps to play a role in organizing future conferences on T:“i°“5 f°“ °°mP“‘a“°m1 “}‘°a°‘f’$i°5-‘l‘”“‘Al"“e’:'1:’l ::g’)-?17'923- _
Computational topics. ompson, L. L (2006).Arev1ewo ‘ te-e ementm o rtime-harmonic
acoustics. The Ioumal of the Acoustical SOCl€t)' ofAmern:a 119, 1315-1330.
p _ y _ _ Vorléinder, M. (2013). Computer simulations in room acoustics: Concepts
Vvhether Computatlonal acoustlcs 15 3 Pnmary Interest or 3 and uncertainties. The Iournal of the Acoustical Society of America 133,
secondary one, please join us for a meeting of the TSG and 1203-1213.
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