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 University (Tempe), the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis), the University of Maryland, College Park (College Park), and the Oregon Health and Sciences University (Portland). Her research interests include the auditory perception of complex sounds and speech by normal-hearing and hearing-impaired individuals, auditory attention, and comparative auditory processes across species.
Arthur N. Popper is professor emeritus of biology at the University of Maryland, College Park (College Park) and editor of Acoustics Today. Although most of his research has been on hearing in aquatic animals, he has collaborated with Robert J. Dooling for many decades on more
general issues of hearing, including the effects of anthro- pogenic sound on various vertebrate taxa. He received his doctorate from the City University of New York and did his research in the Department of Animal Behavior at the Ameri- can Museum of Natural History (New York). He then was on the faculty of the University of Hawai’i (Honolulu), George- town University (Washington, DC), and finally the University of Maryland, College Park.
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