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Volume 15 | Issue 3 | Fall 2019
 A Publication of the Acoustical Society of Americ
8 From the Editor
9 From the President
Featured Articles
11 Hospital Soundscapes: Characterization, Impacts, and Interventions – Ilene Busch-Vishniac and Erica Ryherd Hospital soundscapes do not currently project the aura of calm and restfulness that patients and staff would prefer to experience.
19 The Impact of Urban and Traffic Noise on Birds – Robert J. Dooling, David Buehler, Marjorie R. Leek, and Arthur N. Popper
Birds, like humans, have problems with hearing in the presence of urban and traffic noise.
28 Computational Acoustics in Oceanography:
The Research Roles of Sound Field Simulations – Timothy F. Duda, Julien Bonnel, Emanuel Coelho, and Kevin D. Heaney
Simulation of underwater sound to understand processes is an indispensable tool in modern oceanography.
38 Ambient Noise Is “The New Secondhand Smoke” – Daniel Fink
Excessive ambient noise causes hearing loss; disrupts sleep, function, and communication; and causes nonauditory health effects for millions of people.
47 Does Sensory Modality Matter? Not for
Speech Perception – Lawrence D. Rosenblum
Speech perception is possible through sound, sight, and touch, and the speech brain treats all of this input the same.
55 Nonlinear Acoustics Today – Oleg A. Sapozhnikov,
Vera A. Khokhlova, Robin O. Cleveland,
Philippe Blanc-Benon, and Mark F. Hamilton
Nonlinear acoustics can remove particulates from air, quiet sonic booms, create audio spotlights, and improve medical ultrasound imaging and therapy.
Sound Perspectives
65 Awards and Prizes Announcement
67 Ask an Acoustician – Sarah A. Marley and Micheal L. Dent
71 A Journey Through Unseen Oceans – Kelly Benoit-Bird 76 Noise Awareness Outreach Efforts – L. Keeta Jones
79 Acoustical Society of America Participation at the International Science and Engineering Fair – Inder Raj S. Makin
82 Obituaries
Logan E. Hargrove | 1935–2019 Larry Herbert Royster | 1936–2019 Jiri Tichy | 1927–2019
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“Headphones” is a watercolor painted by
Alex Tolstoy, who was an applied mathematician specializing in the wave equation and in acoustical oceanography/underwater acoustics/ signal processing for over 40 years. See more of Dr. Tolstoy’s art at
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