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 Acoustical Society of America Awards and Prizes
Congratulations also to the following members who were elected Fellows in the Acoustical Society of America at the spring 2019 meeting.
• Virginia A. Best (Boston University) for contributions to understanding the impact of listener factors on spatial hearing of speech
• Jonas Braasch (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institution) for interdisciplinary contributions to musical acoustics and psychoacoustics of spatial audio technology
• Qian-Jie Fu (University of California, Los Angeles) for contributions to understanding auditory perception with cochlear implants
• Nicholas J. Giordano (Auburn University) for advance- ment of computational modeling in musical acoustics
• Chen-Fen Huang (National Taiwan University) For contri-
butions to geoacoustic inversion for ocean state estimation • Yun Jing (North Carolina State University) for contribu-
tions to designing acoustic metamaterials and numerical
modeling wave propagation
• Michael E. Ravicz (Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infir-
mary) for contributions to measurements of middle
ear function
• Martin D. Verweij (Delft University of Technology) for
contributions to nonlinear medical ultrasound
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