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  an artist to make sure people remember it. I wonder about that for myself. The scientist part comes naturally, but I’m learning how to incorporate the artistry and story that help people remember why the ocean matters. When the Unseen Oceans exhibit comes to a venue near you, I hope you’ll find that it moves you through not just a voyage to the bottom of the sea but also a voyage of discovery and appreciation. It definitely moved me.
Benoit-Bird, K. J., Moline, M., and Southall, B. (2017). Prey in oceanic sound scattering layers organize to get a little help from their friends. Limnology and Oceanography 62, 2788-2798.
Moline, M. A., Benoit-Bird, K. J., O’Gorman, D., and Robbins, I. C. (2015). Integration of scientific echosounders with an adaptable autonomous platform to extend our understanding of animals from the surface to the bathypelagic. The Journal of Oceanic and Atmospheric Technology 32, 2173-2186.
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