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There's no doubt that videos are an increasingly popular way of phase of planning for the future of the Society, with a focus
engaging the public, and our YouTube channel ( on considering what role the ASA should be playing in fur-
ASA-You'I'ube) is helping our Societyto do just that. Here you thering the profession of acoustics. My last column in the
can find videos that the ASA has produced or curated on a Summer 2019 Issue of Acoustics Today will summarize dis-
broad range of topics, from, for example, discovering the field cussions from a strategic summit to be held in the spring of
of acoustics, what an ASA meeting is like, and celebrating ].n- 2019. Please continue to check my online “ASA President’s
ternational Noise Awareness Day. Additionally, recordings of Elog” at and feel
meeting content starting with the Fall 2015Meeting procured free to contact me with your suggestions at president@
as part of the pilot initiative of the ASA to broadcast and re- acousticalsocielyorg.

cmd meeting Comm!’ may be found at this me‘ I can't believe that my year as ASA President is already more
Science communication is a skill like any other, and I encour- than halfway over. It's been such an outstanding experi-
age all of us to become better at it. The ASA has been invest- ence; thanks to all of you who have helped to make it so.
ing in strategies to improve science communication by our The Spring 2019 Meeting in Louisville, KY, willmark my last
members and staff, from hosting a science communication days as ASA President as well as the 90th anniversary of ASA
workshop for graduate students at the Spring 2018 Meeting meetings since the first one convened in May 1929 (acoustic.
to improving the efliciency of the process by which the ASA link/ASA-History). I look forward to celebrating the occa-
responds to media inquiries. Most recently, the ASA has also sion with many of you in Louisville. Please consider submit-
begu.n engaging more with the American Institute of Physics ting a gift to the Campaign for ASA Early Career Leadership
(ALP) government relations stafl’ to understand how the Soci- (acousticlink/CAECL) in honor of this special anniversary
ety may communicate better with government groups about to help ensure the prosperity and success of our Society for
the importance of acoustics research and science. Soon ASA at least another 90 years to come!

members will be receiving a questionnaire to assist the Soci-

ety leadership with learning what members’ priorities are with

government relations. so that we  deyelop appropriate strat- A 

egies toward advocating for public policy related to acoustics. . h  ,3

Thank you in advance for responding to that survey. In t e assraom '

Last, I’d like to commend the ASA Standards Program for its Tllele are n°W ‘We’ 250 article‘ °_" the AT Web
continued ma}-or mle in how me Society disseminates and site (AcousticsToday.org_). These articles can serve
promotes the knowledge and practical applications of acous- as supplemental material fl“ leadmgs ln 3 Wlde
tics. Please see the Acoustics Today article by ASA Standards range of c°ul5e.5' Arlnwtes msnucmls and when
Director Christopher Struck to learn more (acousticlinkl AT - lo cleate leadmg llsts‘ Selecled lms .may be

_ _ _ published in AT and/or placed In a special folder

Sta"d“ds'F“m7)' If V“ Prefer wamhmg 3 vldeo mmad‘ 3 on theATweb site to share with others.

new one on the ASA Standards Program has been posted to _ _ _

the ASA YouTube channel recently. Christopher has also au- "yo" "fouldllke “7 Subm" Such a hit’ ’

thored a 2019 article in The /ournal of the Acoustical Society of please mc/"def

America with former ASA Standards Manager Susan Blaeser ~ Your name and affillatlon (include email)

on the history of ASA standards ( ' Th€=°“'5€ name ‘W which the "St is

Many thanks to Christopher, Susan, and the many members E unlverslm department’

engaged with the ASA Committee on Standards for their . A briefdesmption of me ‘nurse

laudable work in leading the development and maintenance of , A brief description of me pwpose ofthe ii“
consensus-based standards in acoustics. . Your list ofATart|c|es (a few from other ASA

I hope that my From the President columns and recent ar- z:lt:l‘l3:._?:l¢(l3nifr:l'!:.yl’tl:al:l:l:f[|l|el3(llElif lllrllfinztllalllte

ticles by Editor in Chief lames Lynch in Acoustics Today amc|e5]ny°u,"5t_

to date (for example, see _ _

have given you a sense of the significant progress that the zlretailer::nF::):?:;;::;:rgl:r:;:g:Tl'

Society has made since the 2015 Strategic Leadership for ' '

the Future Plan. We are now about to embark on the next

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