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I am grateful to the following Fellows of the Acoustical So-
ciety of America, who taught and inspired me over three
decades: Ed Sullivan. Iirn Candy, and C1ifl' Carter in sonar
1, ’_ A  1. ,. M ‘ signal processing; Howard Schloerner in submarine sonar
Hlghlrtquunzv -ugnresnnunon semr array design; Bill Carey, Doug Cato, and Gerald D’Spai.n in

riznsanlrlurhunllngmalnlncu . . . . .

underwater acoustics; Tom Howarth and Kim BCDJZEDLD in
an ultrawideband sonar transducers; R, Lee Culver and Whit-
m low An in high-frequency sonar; and Mike Scanlon in battle-
“ field acoustics. In Australia, much was achieved through col-
laborative work programs with Ron Wyber in the research,

E 5" development, and demonstration of acoustic systems science

g ‘°" and engineering for defense.


M Ferguson. B. G. (1990). Sharpnas applied to the adaptive heamforming of
acoustic dam from . towed array of unknown shape. The Ilmrrml of the
40' av‘ 40‘ 4°’ n‘ In’ 20' =0‘ W Amustimlsadety ofmnmrr 88,2695-2701.
“=‘"""'5 Ferguson, 13. G. (1993.), Remedying the eeern ofarny shape distortion on
Figure 8. Tap: Serrar scan sonar showing the narrow receive beams the spam] fi"”“'?3 °f',‘°““F"d"“ ‘mm ‘hm 'my°fh7d‘mPh°neS‘ EEE
for detention and even narrower ariesfnr elassifimtinn Bnftonr sa— Immmlafommm Engmmng 18' 565-571"

, _ ' , _‘ Ferguson, B. G. (199312). Improved time-eldzy estimates ufunderwnmr
rnzr imageforpmg 51 as thefas! surface waterrmfl eormrme: its U— “Wm: signal‘ min‘ bumfmming and Pmfihmng mhnjques In G_ C_
Wm From Fflswtm and Lo (2011) Carter (Ed.), Coherence and Iim:DeDzyExtimaliari.]]1F.E Prus. New York,
  pp. 85-91.

Ferguson, B. G. (was). Time-rrequencynignni analysis ofhydmphonedzta.
processor estimated the instantaneous polar position of the F£KE‘‘-'57““’]'’]'“1G‘’.f(‘139‘;';')'i‘E”Zi"5‘'5"l 21- 537;h5:4- “I b
. . gnson. . . .M'n'n-u mvariznee ‘ orti ass response cam-
craft (1.e., the end point ofthe wake) to be 18l.4m_and 5.9“, fl] . 5 of ‘mum; may hm mg lama, aim Amumml Sadat}, 0),
the speed of the craft to be 4.6 m/s, and the heading to be mm,“ ;M_ g47.g54_
4167.7°. Any offset of the wake from the track is caused by F=rgI!s0n.B- G- (2016) Santa plrimflzr estimation ofaem-ficousticemitr
‘*"’ ‘""“‘* “"‘““g ‘”*"‘ ““ ‘“"°“‘- mriifn‘ §°"‘“”.Z'§:'“i' Z5‘“"§3?43?dr§Z‘ZWr'£§§"Zi.’"‘ 3'1“-5' $Tnl°I‘u'f§r'
ml :17, onar avrga an , - . ps: oLo .
The sonar is the primary sensor and, under the rules of en— 5?‘ f5“-1015-“147-
gagement, a rapid layered response is now possible using a F"g"’°n'B' Gflndckuy’ 1' L (?0m).'I“it" mmulwd mdiimru mm‘

b_ _ f 1  I ‘h I  d I fionestin-ialm ofhiological transientsignals produeedbysnappmg shrimp
com matwn 0 mm 61 655 an e . an (ast I650“) in nn underwater environment. rm loumal of me Acoustical Society of
lethal countermeasures. America 109, 3031-3037.

Fergusomfl. 5., ci-irwiek, 1. G..andI.o, K. w (2002), Locating far-field im-
ulsive sound sources in air by triangulation. rm Ioumal ofthe Aroitrtical
Conclusion P . .
Society ofAmerIm 111. l04—1l6.
Th! %PP1iC3‘i0n OWE Principlfls and Pfacficfi Of acoustic 5YS- Ferguson, B. 6.. and cuiver, R. 1.. (2014). International student challenge
tems science and engineering has improved the detection, prob1eminaeouaLicsignalpmcessing.Amu:tir: Today 10(2),26-29.
classification, localization, and  processes for the r'‘5‘''5°'“' 3' G" ‘“dI‘“'KW ‘mm’ 5"” “"1 P'°‘““‘"3’“°d‘°d’ M '1"
. . tectianandloraliufinnoffastsurlaoewatuuaaflmdunderwahuswimmers
Submarine Force, Land Force, and Mme Countermeasures imlmbmmvhmmgnt Pmmafiiemfmhkmmbmlcmfemrmm Undm
Force, leading to enhanced situational awareness, Acoustic waAzrActJiLsti'cIMeasI4rcmenls, Kos,Crmece.Iune20-24,20ll.pp.J39—346.
systems will continue to play a crucial role in operational sys- Ffilznsan. B. G., Lui K W-. and WW9!) 11- 1- (2007) Am“-“it 59“-‘iifls "f
tems, with new sensing technologies and signal-processing gnu“ and hdjhctwflpon 5”" Pmmdiflgs of W 3'11 Imm."m-"M1 C9".
a da fu _ ah d b _ d :1 d f Lb fererxce on IntelligentSen:xrrs.SensarNat1vark: and lrformnlwn Processing
3“ (3 SW“ 51 0 5 "4118 9V °P"- 01' 9 35'“ E95‘ (IssNn> 2007), Melbourne. Victoria, Australia, Decunher 3-6, 2007, pp.
eration of defense forces and homeland security. 167-172.
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