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Volume 15 | issue 1 | spring 2019
A00 51: ' GS
 L i A Publication of the Acoustical Society of Amerlce
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S From the Editor
7 From the Flreeidene
Featured Articles
‘I III Defense Applications of Acoustic Signal Processing 4 5 3 The Remarkable Cochlear Implant and Possibilities
Brian G. Ferguson for the Next Large step Forward — lllalre S. Wilson
Acoustic signal processing for enhanced situational The modern cochlear implant is an astonishing success;
awareness during military operations on land and however, mam remains for improvement and greater
under the sea. access to this al.ready—n'la[V€l()|lS technology.
1 Q Snap, Crackle and Pop: Tlieraconstic Cavitation suund perspective‘
—Miclinel D. Gray. El2anorP. Sfride, and Cmutantir1—C.
Cmmiw 6 2 Awards and Prizes Announcement
Emerging techniques for making, mapping, and using . . _ .
acoustically amen bubbles within me body Enable 3 6 :-I Ask an Aconstician Kent L. Gee and Micheal L. Dent
broad range of innovative therapeutic applications. 5 3 Scignfism Wm, Hearing Loss chmging pempgcfiws
in STEMM » Henry 1. Adler, 1. Tilnk lzetnanrrther.
as The Art of concert Hall Acnnutics: current Trends Peter 3- Stars". and B71111 N Bum-
““ Q“°“‘°‘“ in 1‘““'d' “'1 Design ’ Ke"'-’}' 1* 7 -1 International student challenge Pxoblem in Aeuustic
H°“'3""f Signal Processing 2019 — Brian G. Ferguson, R. Lee
concert hall design exists at the intersection of art, scl— Culver and Key L. Gemba
enee and engineering, where acoustlcians continue to
demystify aural excellence D apartment.
37 Ton Yanng fax the coelrtail Party? 4 Lori 1. Leilmld. 1 a ohitnary — Iuzzfl. zwislacki | 1922 — 2013
Emily BLGS. and Lauren Culandrurciu cl wfi d ‘W d
so ' ,Bn' D‘ ,A ertis In
one reason why children and cocktail parties do not “ ° " “M” "“"’'Y "S “
About The Cover
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The dolphin lleptuna participated in over 30 studies that V Blake 5. WlLm1»L x.ray imizge e/the iniplpnrni
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nLol0&\‘v1I£l47\)tul0g'}; with permission.
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