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Editor Acoustical Enuiuty nf Amuricrr

Arthur N. Popper | my M_ Wang, p,,_,5,-,{E,,g

Allflcimm Editar Scott D. Sommeizfeldt. Vice Presulenl

Micheal 1.. Dent | n' Victor W Sparrow. Presnient-Elect

Peggy B. Nelson, Vice Pres1'der1t—EleL1

Bank Hnvinw Editor David Fen‘ T W"

Phi“? L- M“”“’“ I ““"‘°“‘5"”‘“-ed“ Chrlstopher 1. Struck, Stuv1dardsD1're:!17r

AQA Fubn¢.:ian- gggff Susan E. Fox, Executive Director

Mary Guillernette | maryguiJlemette@at* _

Helen Wall Murray ] Ase W-B D-vnlnpmfng afflu-

Kat Setzer | l(se'\ D3391 F3173" l d5=fl¢l1@3C°“5"¢“"d=Y-0'?

Helen A. Popper, AT Capyeziitor | l'\apDpper@gmaj|_com Visit the online edition ofAcaust1'cs Today at
Acuultinl Today lnturn """'5.':-"' ‘

Gabrielle E. O'Brien | , O  S ,\

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IWESELYDCH -41 .\M1».nm.A

Allan D. Pierce, Emeritus Publications Oflicz

_ _ 120. Box 309. Mashpee, MA02649

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Acnualical Suniuty uf Amnrinn

Ihe Acoustical Society of America was founded in 1929 “to increase and diffuse the knowledge of acoustics and to promote is practical
applications." Information about the Society can be found on the Internet site: www.a<nueI:lmlsociely.nrg.

The Society has approximately 7,000 members. distributed worldwide, with over 30% living outside the United States.

Membership includes a variety of benefits, a list of whirl: can be found at the website:

All members receive online access to the entire contents of the Ioumal nfAcmtsI1'ml Society ofAmer1'm from 1929 to the present. New
members are welcome, and several grades ufniembership, including low rates for students and for persons Living in developing countries.
are possible. Instructions to: applying can be found at the Internet site above.

Acuustiu T1zday(lSSN 155741215. md:uA1'CLlDK) Syrmg 2019. vobmie 15. iisuz 1. n publtrhed quartevly by the Acaujticalflncizty nfllmerim. Suite 31m.13115 wan Wl11'k—
min: 1211., Me1v111e. NY 117474200, penuusealt Postage mres are pmd at Hunnngtall Smtmn. NY. and rlddlnanal mallmg nfinzs POS7'IV[A5‘l'ER: Semi Addfefl dlangtx m
Acuuniu rm» Amllslleal saaery ofAmerI'nz. Suite 3120. 13115 wen Vwlltnrnn M, Melville, NY 117474300. Capyfight 2019.A£1714rtiml Sarlely a]Amerim. All rights
mnwed. Single copies a]1nd1'v11iuaIarl1':l¢s may be nude/L-rpv1'w1tr use or rexmnzh. Au1‘har1zI1n'ur1 ugwm 1» copy uniezn bqmvtl the usepermirrzd by Sections 107 and we of
11.: us C1.vpyn'ghl’L1zw. Yb vep1od11£e Lmitev1lfru1n xhispuanauiun, please obmln pzrniisyianfvnm CopyngkrCk1zmnce Center, lut., 222 Rosewood nave nmwm. MA 111923,
USA uiu rhmr website www.cnpyrlghLwnL Ln‘ canine? mm A! (s7s)~75o—a4ua. Ptrnms duirlng 141 phomcnpy muumus for classroom use shnuzd Lonma the (ICC Amdemxe
Pzrmlsrloris Scvvlze. Aummzunm. does rm! utend Ia syslemarir 17! multiple repmductimr. to 1.‘upyI'rIg far promotional purposa. ta cleclrunic garage ar dlsrrilmtrart, 1:7 :12 re—
pubfiratian m Anyfurm. Zn 1.11 surlx easu. speufir written [un11'sx1'17nf1um the l\rous1‘1'(al Sneizty 11fA111er1m must be 1Jhrr11'r1Ad.PernIl.u1'1m 1: granted to qI111re]r1mIAE0u5[lES
Today mm the u1rmmr1ryn(kn12wIerIg1rvL'nt ufnu sourte. 111 reprint .1 figure, mm or mm 1a'cerp't requires the curumt ofmie uftlic autlmrs and nmyimrreu m/t5.4.A11u1ms
request: to me Ofire afmglns undpemhsiem, Suite 30043115 Wall Whllman 1111.. Melville. NY 11747411111 ifizx (515) s7s—24511,~ Telephone 615157522611: 1:mu11~
r1ghls@K1'p.1ng. An zlzrtmnit vzriiutx a/Acoustics Today 1; ulra available unline wewmg and downloading mzidn/mm the 111.11»: me 1; free 111 an. The urticlex may mu
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