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Flecent: Acoustical Society

of America Awards and Prizes
Starting with this issue, Acoustics Today will be publishing the names of the recipients
of the various awards and prizes given out by the Acoustical Society ofAmerica. After
the recipients are approved by the Executive Council of the Society at each semian-
nual meeting, their names will be published in the next issue of Acolutics Today.
Congratulations to the following recipients of Acoustical Society of America med-
als, awards, prizes. and fellowships, many of whom will be formally recognized at
the spring 2019 meeting in Louisville, KY. For more information on these acco-
lades, please see—awards. acousflcalsocietyorg/prizes. and

2019 Gold Medal 2018 Silver Medal in Engineering Acoustics
William Cavanallgh Thomas B. Gabrielson

Cavanaugh Tocci Associates Pennsylvania State university

2019 Helmholtz-Rayleigh 2D18]umesE.WLsiFzl1owshl'y
luieroliscipliriury silvcrmcool in Dillan Villavisanis

psychological urul Physiological lobns Hopkins University

Acoustics, Speech corrirrumicotiort, ,
a,..t,oci..-rm..r..iic.,...o~cs §°;f,1‘°hf"'.’ §;";;.j§1B¢',“f* ,.
Bubm shinn_c“nninghm r o ms p m rt 1 r um mus its
Carnegie Mellon University '""’ N‘"‘‘ C‘"'’’‘’'

Kieren Smith

2019 Disfingukhed Service Citlzliml University of Nebraska — Lincoln

Dmd M‘ 2m Ra oruu-1 stctsoo scholarship in
A°°“‘”°“1 S"“”"' °“"”“”°“ Phonefigrznd Speech science

2019 R. Bruce Liriolsoy Award Heather Campbell Kahakofl

Adam Maxwell New York University

university or Washington Nicholas Mama

2 01 9 Mam." PH." in University of Connecticut

Acouniml oceanography 2013 Frank rid Virginia wirrker

Chen-Fen Huang Memorial scliolorslripfor Groduute
National Taiwan University study in Acoustics

Caleb Goates

2019 M/illium and Christine Hilrtmurm . . .

Prize in Auditory Neuroscience B"gh““‘ Y°““5 U""'“"‘Y

Glenis Long

city University of New York

Congratulations also to the following members who were elected Fellows in the
Acoustical Society of America at the fall 2018 meeting (acoustic.l.'lnklASA-Fellows).

. Megan s. Ballard (University ofTexas at Austin) for contributions to shallow water propa-

gation and geoacoustic inversion
. Lori I. Leihold (Boys Town National Research Hospital) for contributions to our under-
standing of auditory development
. Robert w. Pyle (Harvard University) for contributions to the understanding of tbe acous-
tics ofbrass musical instruments
. Woojae Seong (Seoul National University) for contributions to geoacoustic inversion and
ocean signal processing
. Rajka Smiljanic (University ofTexas at Austin) for contributions to cross—language speech
acoustics and perception
. Edward 1. walsb for contributions to auditory physiology, animal bioacoustics, and public
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