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Ask an Accuatidnn
acoustics only increased the more I learned. Remarkably, af- comes from three things. First, I have strived to be an ef-
ter receiving my doctorate, I found my way back to BYU as a fective student mentor by learning and employing mentor-
faculty member and I’ve been here ever since. ing principles (Gee and Popper, 2017). I have been blessed
wm  a  «aw Z§.1TfJl‘.,“.‘i‘;Z.,"‘$",ii:£§iZ2‘:.i‘;iiE  :2
My typical day at work involves juggling Inching’ Scholar‘ way. Second, I have found connections between seemingly
ship, mentoring, and service. I currently teach a graduate dispamm research areas of my research and leveraged them
course on acoustical measurement methods and 550 stu- for greater understanding and applicability For example, as a
dents in 2 sections of a general education course in physi- new faculty numb“) I was able cambine my Prim experiences
cal Science" Scholarship and memmship are intertwined with vector intensity and military jet noise to investigate near-
because I work with several graduate and undergraduate stu- fl :1 d mergy_based measuremems Ofmcket plumei nfls smdy
dams an Projects {dated to military jet noise’ rocket noise’ led to improved source models of rockets and a new method
sonic booms, vector intensity measurements, and machine for Calmlaung vector immsity fmm microphone Pmbcs that
learning. Service involves committee work (like chairing the is bang applied to avariety ofpmblems’ indudmgmfflsound
Awards Committee in my department), outreach activities from wind mrbinei he hardware required for those infl_a_
at schools’ review-mg journal manuscripts’ and being edimr sound measurements was recently developed for space vehicle
of POMA. Those that have met me, and perhaps those that launches and is now being refined to make hjgbfideuty m_
havenll’ know afmy panjcuhr passion for the possibilities of cordings ofquiei sonic booms in adverse weather conditions.
POMA as a publication. Alliteration aside, I believe POMA S munecfious has led to unexpeded oppommmes for
has an important ml! to Play in an longiterm gmwlh and learning. Third, a lesson my father taught me was that hard
health of the Society, and I work hard to address issues that workand demrmmamm Cm ofien mmpmsne (“lack ofnab
arise and to expand “S glabal mach and Visibility" ural ability. I hope to always apply that lesson. Perseverance
Haw dn you feel when experiments projects do not work out and P3550“ '10 555m I0 5° 3 l°“S W3)’-
the W“? 7"“ “"P“"d ‘hm "1? How do you handle rejection?
1 admn ‘hat when 3 Pm}-ac‘ dmsnlt wmk °“‘ ‘be way 1 en" Not very welL I’m afraid. I tend to stew and lose sleep over
visio.ned because of data anomalies, misunderstandings, or these Lhmgi Bu‘ rm gaming 3 little hen" with time, I think
poor experimental design, I tend to dwell on these failures one thing that helps is focusing on (he other great ml-ngs in
f°’ 3 1°53 "I-'55“ S°m°”m°5> the dwelling Wm I” Pmducfive my life when a grant or project doesn't get funded. So, while
and lead to other project possibilities, but when it just can't “-5 hard to balance an the things I listed above_ it acmafly
be furthered, it’s tough. On the other hand, when we’ve dis- helps to balance the ups and downs very uatm,auy_
covered something that we didn’t anticipate leads to whole
new ways of thinking, all the down moments melt away in “mat W‘ 7""P”"‘d“' “fl” 7”" mm"?
the exdtemem ofbreakmg science! I am proudest of my students and their accomplishments,

both in research and in the classroom. Seeing the good
D“ }’°“f“I like 79" hm’? WIVWI “'5 WW'k'l'f¢ l7“l“"59 FY95‘ they're doing in the world is no small victory for me.
lem? Was it always this way? I _ _ ,
Not inthe least. Every day is a battle to decide where and how What Is the biggest mlsfikenyou ye ever made?
I can do the most good. I have an amazing wife and 5 won- Niels Bah? pm-p°rtfl_fly sald‘ An expands a man whohasmadi
derful children, ages 9-16, who are growing up too quickly. I an LIE mmakes wljlch can be u?a_de  3 Very “mow field
have a "ob that I am assionate about and that allows me to (avaflable at Enwlklquoumrg/Mk’/Nml5‘B°hI)' Reg‘-Enably’
. ‘I P . . I have not t achieved ert status in an area of re earch
influence the next generation of educators and technological _ ye _ exp _ y _ 5 '
leaders. I have opportunities to serve in the community and ::;:_i:nrg' 0‘ mmmnng’ but In §h_a_m 0‘-is efipmmce from
at my church. At the end of the day, I try to prioritize by what V2 learned‘ Bafme my  mlmary let mcmfi measm-€-
is most important and most urgent and let other things fall  at BYU’>] Pmgmmmed fhe Input range Dflhe dad“-acqui-
away. I just hope I’m getting better at it. ::;::t:l:t:Z::fi:rE::s:;:a¥;:“;To::::tt:ieV1§;:gemug;:ai::
What makes you a good ucoustician.’ fired up, many channels clipped because the hardware input
In all seriousness, this question is probably best asked of range was set toolow. Yet, I wasrft able to figure out the problem
someone else. But, any good I have accomplished probably until shortly after the measurement was over. I was able to pull
an 1 AI:uunI:lI:I Tbdly 1 Spring 2019

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