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physical insights from several channels tl1at didn’t clip, but it was no way that I could sustain that charade. Over time, the
was an incredibly stressful experience that taught me to double feeling of academic paralysis was gradually replaced with a
and triple check hardware configurations before getting i.nto the determination to at least try to live up to what others thought
field. Thankfully, mycolleagues were gracious about the mistake I was capable of. Although irnposter syndrome doesn’t go
an ama e s coun em as rien an co a ora ors o a . awa , ave earne o reco nize i an use i as mo iva ion.
dI bl till tth f' ds d llb t tdy ylh 1 dt g' 't d 't t' t'
What advice do you have for budding acuusticians? What do you want to accomplish within the next 1 0 years
I have benefited immensely from exceptional mentoring. Try or before retirement?
to be afiiliated with people who care at least as mucl1 about I just want to make a difference, whether connecting nonlin-
who you are becoming as about what you are learning and earities in jet and rocket noise to human annoyance, devel-
en wor as ar as ossi e o earn rom em. e acous- o in im rove vec or measuremen me o s, or men orin
th khdp'bltl f th Th p'g'p dt tthd t'g
ics communi is u o is n o resear ers an ro es- e nex enera ion o s u en s w o wi o on o o rea
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sionals. Conversely, when faced with those who neither have things.
time nor concern for your progress, keep moving forward.
Perseverance and passion! Hafaraneaa
HM” 7”“ “'2' ”P”'i”"‘”d i"‘1’”"" ”'""l"""”" Gee, K. L. (2011). The Rubens tube. Proceedings o/Meetings on Acnartics 3,
How didyou deal with that tfso.’ 0250”
In late 2009, I found out that I was going to receive the ASA Gee, K. L., Neilsen, T. 13., Downing, 1. M., ianies, M. M., McKinley, R. L.,
Lindsay Award‘ 1 honesdy had a hard dme doing much of McKinley, R. G, and Wall, A. T. (20Il3).‘Near-field shock formation In
. _ noise propagation fmmahigli-power jet aircraft. nieinamai o/theArous-
anything for a few weeks after that because I felt extraordi- fimlsmm, nfdmmm 133, E]_88_E]_93_
narily inadequate. Somehow, a lot of smart people had been Gee, K. L., Neilsen, T. 13., Wall, A. T., Downing, I. M., Iames, M. M., and
fooled into thinking I had done something special, and there MCKiH18Y» R- L (1016a)- Pr°P=*E’*‘5"" °f “adde °°“““"i"$ ‘"359 ‘mm
military jet aircraft. Nnise cnatmi Engineering [animal 54, i-i2.
 Gee, K. L., and Popper, A. N. (2017). Improving academic mentoring rela-
‘.'.'.':;-jn. tionships and environments. Acnastics Today 13(3), 27-35.
' ' Gee, K. L., sparrow, v. W, James, M. M., Downin ,1. M., Hobbs, C. M.,
 Ga ri son, T. B.,an Atc ey,A.A. zoos. emeo non ineare ects
. A b 21 d lil ( ) Th gl f I if
'-.j;:2.’,'.’. in the propagation ofnoise troni high-power jet aircraft. The Inarnal o/the
 STANDARDS Acoustical Society nfAmerira 113, 4082-4093.
Gee, K. L., Whiting E. B., Neilsen, T. 13., Iamesr M. M, and Salton, A. R.
  (201 6b). Development of a near-field intensity maisurement mpability for
static rocket firings. Traeaactians a/ the Iapan society/nr Aeronautical and
In nsn sminnnns nlinlnin 5,... M.,... an...n,,a... nan),
Ilelp shape the rtmidardi‘ that influence your banner: and imttara line Bacon‘ e
National ANSI-Accredited
Standards Committees: 
- S1 Acoustics
- 52 Mechanical Vibration and Shock would you like ta become
- S3 Bioacoustics
-S3/SC1Animai Bioacoustics more involved with the ASA?
- 512 Noise
International ANSI-Accredited Wsit acousticalsocietynrgl
U.S. Technical Advisory Groups: I t t I b d
- ISO/TC 43 Acoustics V° "" E5’ ‘_' 93"‘ '.m"e 3 °"
. I50/Tc 43/sci Noise the Society 5 technical and
- ISO/TC 43/SC3 Underwater acoustics administrative committees, and
- ISO/TC ‘I08 Mechanicai vibration, shock and Submi‘ a form to ex fess our
condition monitoring and its subcommittees 3-W P y
- IEC/TC 29 Electroacoustics  V interestin nlun eeringl
Nancy Blair-Deleon, Standards Manager  .   i
Acoustical Society of America standards Secretariat '~  1‘ ‘ *
asastdsoaceusticaisocietyorg acousticaisecietyorg/standards i l ‘ M i ‘I 7 1 ii i i
Spring 2019 | Aestauuuss 1-may i as

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