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Theloumal of the Acoustical Society ofAmerica
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Ultrasound In An-
. ‘I See these papers at:
; acousticstodaymrglultrasmmd-in-air
, ‘ And, be sure to look for other special issues of
\\ JASA that are published every year.
Become a Member of the Acoustical Society of America

The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) invites in- ety’s unique and strongest assets.From its beginning
dividuals with a strong interest in any aspect of in 1929, ASA has sought to serve the widespread in-
acoustics including (but not limited to) physical, en- terests of its members and the acoustics community
gineering, oceanographic, biological, psychological, in all branches of acoustics, both theoretical and ap-
structura|,and architectura|,toapplyformembership. plied. ASA publishes the premier journal in the field
This very broad diversity of interests, along with the and annually holds two exciting meetings that bring
opportunities provided for the exchange of know|- together colleagues from around the world.

edge and points of view, has become one ofthe Soci-

Visit the acousticalsocietynrg to learn more about the Societyand membership.
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Acoustical Society of America
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To generate, disseminate, and promote me knowledge and
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