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From the President | Lily Wang
 Recent Actions on Increasing (3) improving the image of the ASA through a strategic
‘ 34‘; _ i Awareness ofAcoustics branding initiative;
. The Fall 2018 Acoustical Soci- (4) fostering members’ abilityto communicate about science;
ety of America (ASA) Meeting (5) considering how the Society should engage in advo-
. in Victoria, BC, Canada, held caring for public policy related to science and technology
in conjunction with the 2018 through government relations; and
Acoustics Week in Canada, was a resounding success! Many (6) increasing awareness and dissemination of ASA stan-
thanlts to Stan Dosso (general chair), Roberto Racca (techni- dards.
cal program chair), the local organizing committee. the ASA I won't be able to expound on all these initiatives in great
stafl', and the leadership of the Canadian Acoustical Associa- detail here, but I will highlight some of the achievements to
tion for their efforts in making it so. date.
As usual, the Executive Council of the ASA met several times One of the first items completed shortly after the Strategic
to conduct the business of the Society. Among the items that Leadership for the Future Plan was released was the hiring
were approved by the Executive Council were the selection of of ASA Education and Outreach Coordinator Keeta lanes.
several recipients for assorted Society medals, awards, prizes, Keeta has done an outstanding job championing and over-
and special fellowships (see page 62 in this issue of Acoustics seeing many ASA outreach activities. Visit exploresoundorg
Today for the list); the election of new Fellows of the Soci- to find a current compilation of available resources, includ-
ety (acousticlink/ASA-Fellows); a new five-year publishing ing the updated Acoustics Programs Directory. Ifyou teach
partnership between the ASA and the American Institute of in an acoustics program that isn’t already represented in this
Physics Publishing; improvements to the budgeting process directory, please be sure to submit an entry at acousticlinkl
of the Society; and changes to the rules of the Society with SubmitAcsProgram. Keeta also reports regularly about ASA
regard to (I) the new elected treasurer position and (2) es- education and outreach activities and programs in Acous-
tablishing a new membership engagement committee. The tics Today (for examples, see and
latter three items. in particular, are outcomes of strategies acousticlink/AT-INAI)Z()l8).
from the 2t)15 ASA Strategic Leadership for the Future Plan Another team mamber who has Played 3 large mle in imPmv_
(amushdmk/Su‘P)' iug the impact of the outreach activities of the ASA is Web
In the past two From the President columns in Acoustics T0- Office Manager Dan Farrell. Our updated ASA webpage is a
day, I’ve discussed recent actions related to two of the four wonderful modern face for the Society along with the new
primary goals from that strategic plan: membership engage- ASA logo that was rolled out in 2018. Both Dan and Keeta
merit and diversity and financial stewardship. In this column, have worked together to increase the presence of the ASA on
I’d like to summarize the progress we’ve made on one of the social media as well, summarized in arecent Acoustics Today
other main goals dealing with the awareness of acoustics: article (acoustic.linl</A'l‘-ASA-SocialMed.ia). I admit that I
"ASA engages and informs consumers, members of industry, personally was not an early adopter of social media, and even
educational institutions, and government agencies to rec- now I am reticent about posting personal items on social
ognize important scientific acoustics contributions.” A task media. However, I participated in a workshop in 2011 that
force of ASA members has worked diligently with the ASA taught me how social media can be leveraged to communi-
leadership and staff toward this goal, increasing the impact cate our science more effectively to the broader public. I now
of the outreach activities of the Society. The efforts have suc- believe strongly that having an active presence online and
cessfully led to on social media (e.g., 'IVNitter, Facebook, Linkedln, YouTube)
1) expansion of the promotion of ASA activities and re- is a good tactic for the Society to spread the word about the
sources through emerging media and online content; remarkable work done by the Society and its many members.
(2) advancing the web and social media presence of the Please consider joining one or more of the ASA social media
ASA; groups to help us increase dissemination further.
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