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Acoustic Comfort in Restaurants

How to conduct these measurements would be a nice aca- and presented over 200 seminars and design workshops on

demic exercise. The classification categories could be based topics relating to “Architectural Acoustic Design” in 24

on an integrated sound level such as the A-weighted equiva- countries. Before starting his own consulting practice, he

lent continuous sound level (Leqli) over 15 minutes, with a worked for the firms of Armstrong World Industries,
value not exceeding something like 95 dB (A) for the highest Owens-Corning Fiberglas, and Paul Veneklasen Associates
noise spaces, and down to an LeqA over 30 minutes, with a Consultants in Acoustics.

value not exceeding perhaps 50 dB(A) for the more casual

dining spaces. Again, it would be dependent on the owner  ' -5 Keely Siebein is a senior consultant with

or other interested parties, maybe the National Restaurant  Siebein Associates, Inc., Gainesville, FL,

Association, to conduct this type of research to identify the I and has completed research on natural,

actual decibel-level ra.nges and how best to measure them. historic, and urban soundscapes, restau-

'5 rant and classroom acoustics, and

Good luck and happy eating! A ‘ performance space acoustics as well as

worked on over 250 projects around the

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world. She recently served as editor for an upcoming publica-

American National Standard Iiistitiite/Acoustiizl Society of America (ANsl/ “°“ °“m1ed B‘"""” 1,‘ Ki”"7’ I C"”mb“’_"”"5 “M
ASA) Sl2.60. (2010). 512.541.2010 Amuszienl Performance Criteria, Design Influenfies rm Current Research. Tenehmg and Design of the
Requirements and Guidelinajw Schoals, Part l.- Pennnnenlseliuoli. A£O\ISLi- Architecture of Sound. Keely chaired the Ad Hoc Committee

B‘§LSI‘:°iC°‘VS‘:f"hm;’('i°“’ rvdvVi“°*]I:Ill$[AE'2jl1“:)l°;‘§‘§P5‘//bi"lY/:I£0Ykf'; on Aquatic Facility Acoustical Design for the Council for the
r..,1,.,an ang,.. .iiiiiigasminurer .
sriidenis: Considering the acoustics inoccupied active clasrinuns.Aeuus1ies M°d“l A‘1“““‘ Heahh C°d° (CMAHC) f"°‘“ 2015 ‘° 2017‘
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levels of restaurants and bars in New York City. Proceedings ofMee1ings in .5 ‘ ' ,,;_;-x. .

Aeuusiies 31, 040003. ‘_,—__.r, :1 - .9: . "3 the Acoustlc

1-lochgiaf, K. A. (2019). The an ofconcen liall acoustics: Current trends and T. . e .
questions in research and design. Aruustirs may 15(1), 29-35. Available ‘ :5 ‘V, ' 4 ‘,3 D EIlV1I'0Ill’l'l€Ilt
at . . . ‘'

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Cambridge. MA. _

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restaurants and bars. open linirnul ufsocial Sciences 5, 54-34. Available at d‘““d“‘°“: by d‘5““*’>“‘5““‘ :“°“5;“”:l5 ‘°"°““?>
lmps:// inter iscip inary topics in eig [ rec nic areas

Siebeina K.» and Siebein, G. W. (2017). Case studies that explore the sound- I Famclpams: Gmduam Smdems and EH1), Came’
scape of dining. The Iuumal ufthe Acuustiml sueieiy iifmnenea 142, 2593. I U f I
Available at "°°“5 ‘°‘5“5 ‘“ 5 5“55 ° ’‘°°“5 ‘55

_ I Location: Biglewood Resorl and spa, lrasca, IL


  . Dams; 9.10 May 2020' ,mmed,m1y Pmedmg [he

ASA spring meeting in Chicago
Kenneth P. Roy is the director/owner of
_ Leshmshui Cumming LLC, Holtwood, . Cost. $50 registration fee, which includes lisrel, meals, and
_ _ _ _ irarisporiaiiuri from Eaglewood to die AsA meeting loeaiiori
PA, that provides lntemational consulting
5 i.n topics relating to architecture, acoustics, I F" '"'°""a"°"' Y :._7_.,___
, d h f _ b fld_ Application lenii, prellmmfif) ...;;..;.

3“ “m” P“ °”“““° “‘ “ “‘35‘ program, and more details will _ o SA

Since 1990» he has been 3“ inviled lemlref be available in November, 2019 '-‘:~§;::.: I

on topics relating to “Architecture and a1 wwwAcous1icalSociery org 3:‘ Die‘  SOUR W
Acoustics” at 26 universities in 8 countries

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