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Networking Up
10 days before sending a second email and generally do not networking for networlrings sake. Networking up mayrequire
send a third unless they respond wu to embrace discomfort as you try diflerent approaches to

enlarge your networking web, As you seek help from your
Connecting with Important People it Work networking-up connections, at some point you will be senior
In addition to networking with those in your scientific to others (e.g., asenior graduate studt), and when someone
field, it is necessary to build a network at your place of seeks advice from yum, be sure and  them the same courte-
employment. These connections allow you to have people sies and consideration  to you by your network.
you can turn to as questions arise and have allies who can
advocate for you. Take advantage of the natural opportuni- Acknowledgments
ties that arise to mingle with people. Participate in social Special thanks to Kanae Nishi and Linda Polka for provid-
functions and events. Engage in balanced conversations, ing biographical information about Winified Strange and to
then follow up. Iudy Dubno, Bill Yost, Victor Sparrow and Laura Kloepper

for helpful advice about networking.
Another way to build wur network is to look for opportunities R
to join committees or participate in other administrative tasks °fe"enc° 
Wm“ V"“ “"1 ““""““ wid‘ "“i"’ P‘°1’l"‘ °“‘“d° W" i‘”““' Beat, '1‘. (2015). Engaging early career acousticiana in the Acoustical Soci-
di3*¢W0!k'=0“=a£“€S- 11¢‘ 3“ 451530’ °fY°“1' P1'°ET'm1°I Y0” ety oiAr1-ieriea. Aeausfiu Today 12(4), 60-51, l:l1p.\':l/ti-3| org/1U 1121/
department chair know that you are interested in serving in ;r‘1.:111a.12, 1,150
this way. Oitm these leaders are asked to nominate people for 3“"I‘I9“-    (1:11? DY“:{'-i"! Y0” “/5? H9" "’ 3”“ '1

.. . . . wn.Lr'v,ayu ie. op ewo

the" Pf’5’"°“S’ 5° ‘hey usualiy “”""‘“° kmwmg 7°" “"11 Flynn, '1'. 1., and Young, s. M. (2019) Student Council of the Acousti-
WJEP‘ '5 3-'>k€d~ At ill‘ 51'” "mew b5 “"5511 ‘ha’ 7°“ d0 M‘ cal Society nr America. Acoustic: Thniay 14(1), 53-55. 1-.upn/Moi.
accept so many administrative tasks that it affects wur work. (.ry1u.1 ill/AT.2Ul 1.. 1.2. 1.93

Gee, K. L., and Popper, A. N. (2017). Improving academic mentoring
conciuslon relationships and environments. Acoustics Today 13(3), 27-35. l\tlps'://

V . . . . . . ’ i.orf;’lG.‘:I21/A'li30l".l3 1.7."
N°""'°'k"‘3 “P '5 ‘ha P“*‘“°"' °f‘°”k’“5 ‘*dd“‘°““l m"‘“t°’f“3 Guriidn. c. (2915). 'IheFaui1it afN/etworlting. Available :1 Imp: '/gretlltkigic.
and opportunities throughout your career. Although finding m g/[bur 1-n1:I\s'url-ting, Accessed February 25. 2019.
your networking stylewilltake practice, the first step is accept- Misner. 1- (1.017) Netfvarkins VP-'  Way‘ 9'’ C'_’""=‘l-41’"_VE Y0!" Wflkhf
mg Hm netwmkmg up ,-5 3 good Way”, Promote your idea If grin. Av:|:al;l;ln9r ulip //gr.r.11.-,g.. »\r§:/four-A net wnrkiiig/. Accessed
7°“ f°"“‘ °“ fl‘“d‘”’ ‘*5 P“‘K“h1"‘Pl‘i“‘d-“b“"““‘ “N” Ronsse, 1.  and finuran. T. a (2017). Twenty-five years ofthe Women
not 10 bk: things personally and to 170511 beyond Y0“! <0m- in Acoustics Committee. Acoustics Today 13(4), 55.53. Lltps-Unloi.
fort zone. Ultimately, we are networking to achieve things, not mg/10.1111/:\T.2')1'«' 13.156
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
. . . .
Room Acoustl cs Model: ng and Aural Izatlon
Be sure to look for other special issues ofJASA that are published every year.
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