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Panel on Public Policy
atmosphere of exchange. can lay the foundation for meaningful Epilogue
deliberation at the next phase, the policy formulation or legisla- A subset of the questions on the desk of the Panel on Public
tive phase that sets the stage for implementation. Policy today has been reviewed, and it is the consideration of
these issues that will shape the future of the participation of the
How, then, does anorganiutionlike theASA achieve thislevel of ASA in the public policy arena. As the Panel strives to refine
engagement? In the spring of 201 5, four ASA Task Force Com- and expand its missionand to develop innovative mechanisms
mittees were established to advance the goals emerging from a to advance its goals, cultivating inclnsivity remains a top pri-
Snategic Leadership for the Future Summit (billy/2OB79wN) ority. Although its mission remains essentially unchanged, it
that convened oneyearearlier and thatwas organized to address may well be time to consider a minor revision but one with
the question. ‘How will ASA need to change the way it does powerful implications regarding the mission statement of the
business... to  position as the premier scientific soci- Panel, “to identify and address public policy concerns related
etyin acoustics?” ( One evident changewasto to acoustics and the advancement of science,” by extending
extendits mission byaugmenting and  its comminnent its humanistic scope to include the phrase "and the welfare
to public policy questions of interest to the Society. of humankind.”
K ‘ from the Acoustical Society Foundation Fund
I appreciate the opportunity to inform the membership and a travel stipend to attend the ASA meeting where the
and friends of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) award will be presented. Cindy Moss of Johns Hopkins
about the Acoustical Society Foundation Hind. The Fund University, Baltimore, MD, is a recent Prize winner and
derives from tax-deductible gifis and supports scholar— writes, "It's not every day that you're awarded a prize for
ships, grants, fellowships, and other special programs of work you love. I was thrilled and honored to be recog-
the ASA. In future issues of Acoustim Today, I plan to nized with the Hartmann Prize for my research linking
feature each of these programs. auditory neurophysiology and perception in echolocating
bats. I'm now on sabbatical in Hong Kong, where I took
The William and Christine Harnnann Prizein Auditory vu'y few personal items with me, but I did bring along
Neuroscience was established in 2011 through a gener- my Hartmann Medal"
ous donation by Bill and Chris Hartmann to the ASA to
recognize and honor research that links auditory physiol— Iames H. Miller
ogy with auditory perception or behavior in humans or Chair, Acoustical Society Faundtztiun Board
other animals. The Prize includes a cash award of $4,000
Mission offllz Amuttiml Society inundation Board:
To support the mission afthe ASA by develapingfina-neial I£Il1IlYCEIfl)7 imzfegic xniziarim and special purpuser.
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