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Volume 15 | Issue 4 | Winter 2019
 A Publication of the Acoustical Society of Americ
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10 From the President
Featured Articles
12 The Underwater Sounds of Glaciers – Grant B. Deane, Oskar Glowacki, Erin C. Pettit, and M. Dale Stokes
The underwater sounds of glaciers are a powerful remote sensing tool for monitoring changing conditions in polar regions.
20 Taking the Pulse of Our Ocean World – David R. Dall’Osto The lost San Juan submarine was triangulated by the precision CTBT hydroacoustic network which has great potential for ocean science.
29 Music and the Brain – Psyche Loui and Alexander Belden Activity and connectivity throughout the human brain enable the complex experience of music.
38 The Dawn of Ultrasonics and the Palace of Science – Kenneth S. Suslick
Ultrasonics research in the United States began in a secretive private laboratory built in the mansion of the investment banker Alfred Lee Loomis.
47 Bearing Fruit: Plant Bioacoustics is Blossoming – Aaron M. Thode
There is growing interest in how plants transmit, reflect, generate, and perhaps even respond to sound.
55 As We Enter the Second Century of Electroacoustics... – Stephen C. Thompson
A look back at a century of electroacoustic transducers and systems and an attempt to look forward.
Sound Perspectives
64 Ask an Acoustician – Adrian KC Lee and Micheal L. Dent 68 Preparing for the International Year of Sound 2020 –
L. Keeta Jones
69 Foundation Report – James H. Miller
70 Obituary
William J. Cavanaugh | 1929–2019
72 ASA Press Announcements
Waves with Power-Law Attenuation – Sverre Holm Acoustics – Allan D. Pierce
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Photograph of a tidewater glacier, from the article “The Underwater Sounds of Glaciers.” Snowfall in the accumulation zone feeds the glacier that ends with its terminus in the fjord. Photograph by Dale Stokes.
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