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  Ask an Acoustician
You can learn about acousticians who work on a whole range of exciting topics in the “Ask an Acoustician” articles in Acoustics Today. Below are links to these articles. In addition, to learn about more acousticians, including one who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for his studies of how the human ear works, visit
   Whitney Coyle studies the physics of the clarinet.
Kent L. Gee is a physicist who studies a wide range of topics including noise created by jets, rockets, and explosions.
Sandra Gordon-Salant does research on speech perception in older people.
Kelsey Hochgraf works as an archi- tectural acoustical consultant, helping design buildings for their occupants’ sound needs.
Adrian KC Lee researches how the brain responds to sound, especially in noisy settings like parties.
Sarah A. Marley focuses her research on bioacoustics and marine soundscapes.
Sam H. Ridgway is known as the father of marine mammal medicine and has done pioneering work on marine mammal hearing.
Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp studies psychoacoustics and noise effects in people’s environments.
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