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Introduction to the Special Issue of Acoustics Today
 This special issue of Acoustics Today is presented as part of the program of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) to focus on the International Year of Sound.
Acoustics Today is the science magazine of the ASA. Articles in Acoustics Today cover all aspects of acoustics, from biol- ogy to physics to engineering. The articles are written so that they can be understood by a broad audience, from students to professional acousticians, and they serve to help readers appreciate the breadth of the ways that acoustics is part of our lives.
This special issue includes seven articles from past issues of Acoustics Today that might be of particular interest to the
TABLE OF CONTENTS Featured Articles
6 Building a Sound Future for Students: Considering the Acoustics in Occupied Active Classrooms – Laura C. Brill, Kieren Smith, and Lily M. Wang
15 Bioacoustic Monitoring Contributes to an Understanding of Climate Change – Laura N. Kloepper and
Andrea M. Simmons
23 Lending an Ear in the Courtroom: Forensic Acoustics – Robert C. Maher
32 What To Do About Environmental Noise? – Enda Murphy 41 Mechanical Speech Synthesis in Early Talking Automata –
Gordon J. Ramsay
50 Satisfying Hunger, Thirst, and Acoustic Comfort in Restaurants, Diners, and Bars... Is This an Oxymoron? – Kenneth P. Roy and Keely Siebein
59 Acoustics and Vibration of Baseball and Softball Bats – Daniel A. Russell
wider public and that reflect the diversity of the subject of acoustics. Many other articles can be found on the Acous- tics Today website (, and there is a list of several additional articles that we think might be of interest to many readers on page 67 of this issue.
In addition to the seven featured articles, this issue also includes links to a very special part of Acoustics Today, essays called “Ask an Acoustician.” These essays are by and about members of the ASA who are doing fascinating work in various aspects of acoustics. We invite readers to look at these essays because they not only give insight into fascinating science and technol- ogy, but they also allow readers to learn about very interesting people and how they journeyed into acoustics.
Other Features
2 Acousticians in Action!
3 From the President of the ASA
31 Ask an Acoustician
67 More from Acoustics Today
68 About the Acoustical Society of America
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