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 Some Additional Articles in Acoustics Today
Acoustics Today has over 300 articles on various aspects of acoustics that readers can download for free at This special issue highlights seven articles that are in diverse areas and might be of interest to the readers. Several additional articles that might be of particular interest are listed below. We welcome and encourage instructors to consider using articles from Acoustics Today in their teaching.
   Sensitivity to Foreign Accent | Kenneth J. de Jong Listeners are extraordinarily sensitive to acoustic detail in the speech of nonnative speakers.
Volume 14, issue 2 | Summer 2018
Animal Psychoacoustics | Micheal L. Dent
Animal psychoacoustics is an instrumental tool for our
understanding of how nonhumans perceive the world around them.
Volume 13, issue 3 | Fall 2017
The Impact of Urban and Traffic Noise on Birds
Robert J. Dooling, David Buehler, Marjorie R. Leek, and Arthur N. Popper
Birds, like humans, have problems with hearing in the presence of urban and traffic noise.
Volume 15, issue 3 | Fall 2019
Ambient Noise Is “The New Secondhand Smoke”
Daniel Fink
Excessive ambient noise causes hearing loss; disrupts sleep, function, and communication; and causes nonauditory health effects for millions of people.
Volume 15, issue 3 | Fall 2019
The Art of Concert Hall Acoustics: Current Trends and Questions in Research and Design | Kelsey A. Hochgraf Concert hall design exists at the intersection of art, science and engineering, where acousticians continue to demystify aural excellence.
Volume 15, issue 1 | Spring 2019
From Sputnik to SpaceX®: 60 Years of Rocket
Launch Acoustics | Caroline P. Lupert
The field of rocket launch noise is 60 years old and has a lot to celebrate!
Volume 14, issue 4 | Winter 2018
The Remarkable Cochlear Implant and Possibilities for the Next Large Step Forward | Blake S. Wilson
The modern cochlear implant is an astonishing success; how- ever, room remains for improvement and greater access to this already-marvelous technology
Volume 15, issue 1 | Spring 2019
The Acoustics of Woodwind Musical Instruments | Joe Wolfe The oldest known instrument family produces a wide range of
tone colors and pitch using a range of interesting physics.
Volume 14, issue 1 | Spring 2018
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