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                                November 2020 meeting in Cancun, Mexico, and to delay the Chicago meeting to the next opportunity when the original Chicago hotel would be available. We thank the Cancun organizers and are very disappointed that we had to cancel.
As you all know by now, the next ASA meeting will be held in Chicago from December 8–12, 2020, a Tuesday- Saturday schedule. One fallout from not having the spring 2020 meeting is that the ASA very much needs to continue the work of its administrative groups and committees, even without a meeting. Thus, ASA Head- quarters and the ASA Executive Council are developing plans so that these meetings can take place via teleconfer- ences at about the same time.
Furthermore, the ASA Technical Council is strategizing how the technical program in Chicago will be carried forward to the December 2020 meeting. Part of the issue is that some special sessions may stay in Chicago
while other special session organizers may prefer that the sessions be postponed until the spring 2021 meeting in Seattle, WA. Similarly, the special sessions and other conference elements originally planned for Cancun may occur in Chicago or be postponed until Seattle.
As I write this article, we do not know how the technical program and administrative committee meeting sched- ulesaregoingtoworkout.ButIdoknowthatallinvolved in the decision making are working hard to ensure that the culture of the ASA is preserved, to the extent possible, and that we continue to make our meetings valuable to our members. This is a very challenging time, and 2020 has turned out to be one of the more challenging years in our collective memory, but I believe that the ASA has a great organization, and we are well positioned to deal with anything put in front of us, either good or bad. I thank you all for the special opportunity to lead a great organization like the ASA, and I hope this bird’s-eye view (from a Sparrow) was useful.
 XL2 Acoustic Analyzer
High performance and cost efficient hand held Analyzer for Community Noise Monitoring, Building Acoustics and Industrial Noise Control
An unmatched set of analysis functions is already
available in the base package:
• Sound Level Meter (SLM) with simultaneous, instanta- neous and averaged measurements
• 1/1 or 1/3 octave RTA with individual LEQ, timer control & logging
• Reverb time measurement RT-60
• Real time high-resolution FFT
• Reporting, data logging, WAV and voice note recording
• User profiles for customized or simplified use
Extended Acoustics Package (option) provides:
• Percentiles for wideband or spectral values
• High resolution, uncompressed 24 Bit / 48 kHz wave file recording
• Limit monitoring and external I/O control
• Event handling (level and ext. input trigger)
Spectral limits (option) provides:
• 1/6th and 1/12th octave analysis
Sound Level Meter (SLM)
Noise Curves
Real Time Analyzer (RTA)
Spectral Limits 1/12th(SLO)
      Made in Switzerland
     For more information visit: NTI Audio AG
NTI Americas Inc.
Tigard / Oregon 97281 USA
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Liechtenstein +423 239 6060
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