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   Looking Forward
We have described our efforts to use POMA as a vehicle to expand the global reach of the ASA and believe these efforts to be essential to the long-term health of the Society. As we look to the future, POMA is in a strong position to promote and expand the growth and impact of the ASA. We encourage ASA members to become part of this initiative in four ways.
First, publish in POMA and other ASA journals. Too much of our work is never published because we feel that it is not yet “ready.” Do not let your professional legacy be defined by speculative or inconclusive abstracts. Publish your primary, intermediate, and final results in POMA!
Second, follow the social media accounts of POMA and help disseminate and promote acoustics by liking, shar- ing, and retweeting papers you find of interest.
Third, promote the use of POMA as the archival venue for acoustics-related meetings and workshops. POMA is a true asset to the greater acoustics community by pro- viding a publication service to cosponsored meetings of the ASA.
Fourth, encourage practitioners of acoustics to submit to POMA after they have presented a paper at an ASA or ASA-cosponsored meeting. Those in industry have valuable perspectives that they gain from solving impor- tant, real-world problems on a daily basis. Ensuring that
these perspectives are heard and archived is vital to the purposes of the Society.
As we move forward, we are excited to announce a change in editor. Kent Gee served on the POMA editorial board since 2007 and as editor since 2011. It’s time for new energy, perspectives, and ideas. As a frequent POMA author and engaged member of the editorial board, Megan Ballard has recently taken over as POMA editor. We look forward to the next phase of journal growth under her leadership.
  Figure 4. POMA Facebook and Twitter pages.
 Contact Information
Kent L. Gee
Department of Physics and Astronomy Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah 84602, USA
Megan S. Ballard
Applied Research Laboratories University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 78758, USA
Helen Wall Murray
Publications Office
Acoustical Society of America
P.O. Box 809
Mashpee, Massachusetts 02649,USA
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