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completed manuscript requires at least several months of lead time prior to the ASA meeting at which the com- mittee renders its decision. In this review, the focus of the committee is on whether the quality of the finished product deserves to carry the ASA Press imprint. On occasion, the committee may make suggestions to the author(s) or editor(s) of the book to improve the contents and then invite resubmission. The committee also consid- ers whether the author(s) or editor(s) are perceived to be advertising a particular product or company, or whether the book advocates policies that could expose the ASA to public or legal difficulties if it were to carry the ASA Press imprint.
After approval of the final manuscript by ASA Books, a recommendation that a book carry the ASA Press imprint is submitted to the ASA Executive Council for final approval. Subject to the final approval by Execu- tive Council, the book enters into production at Springer, the ASA Press imprint appears on the front cover, and text about ASA Books and about the ASA in general is included in the front matter of the book. Although it may be noted that the procedure for obtaining ASA endorse- ment of a new book can add months to the production time, potential authors should appreciate that the ASA takes its endorsement of new books very seriously. This requires, primarily, finding qualified reviewers who are willing to carefully vet the entire final manuscript. Also, final decisions are made only at the biannual meetings of the ASA, not between meetings. The ASA believes that any additional time its reviews add to the publication schedule is warranted to protect the reputation and sig- nificance of the ASA Press imprint appearing on books the ASA chooses to endorse.
The stated mission of the ASA is “To generate, dis- seminate, and promote the knowledge and practical applications of acoustics,” and the creation ASA Books, which incorporates the ASA Press Editorial Board, is the most recent major initiative of the Society in fulfill- ment of this mission. The solicitation and endorsement by the ASA of new books on topics related to acous- tics benefits both the authors and scientific community by calling attention to outstanding books in the field. Anyone contemplating either writing or editing a new book on any aspect of acoustics is encouraged to con- tact the chair of ASA Books or Springer’s representative
on the committee if they are interested in having their future book endorsed by the ASA.
 Contact Information
 Mark F. Hamilton
Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas 78712-1063, USA
 Book Announcements | ASA Press
ASA Press is a meritorious imprint of the Acousti- cal Society of America in collaboration with Springer International Publishing. All new books that are pub- lished with the ASA Press imprint will be announced in Acoustics Today. Individuals who have ideas for books should feel free to contact the ASA Publica- tions Office,, to discuss their ideas.
The Neuroethology of Birdsong
Editors: Jon T. Sakata, Sarah C. Woolley, Richard R. Fay, Arthur N. Popper
      Scaling the Levels of Birdsong Analysis – Jon T. Sakata, et al.
Neural Circuits Underlying Vocal Learning in Song- birds – Jon T. Sakata, et al.
New Insights into the Avian Song System and Neuronal Control of Learned Vocaliza- tions – Karagh Murphy, et al.
The Song Circuit as a
Model of Basal Ganglia Func- tion – Arthur Leblois, et al.
Integrating Form and Func- tion in the Songbird Auditory Forebrain – Sarah C. Woolley, et al.
Hormonal Regulation of Avian Auditory Processing – Luke Remage-Healey
The Neuroethology of Vocal Communication in Songbirds: Production and Perception
of a Call Repertoire – Julie E. Elie, et al.
Linking Features of Genomic Function to Fundamental Features of Learned Vocal Communication – Sarah E. London
Vocal Performance in Song- birds: From Mechanisms to Evolution – Jeffrey Podos, et al.
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