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  Winter 2020 Volume 16, Issue 4
7 From the Editor
8 From the President
Featured Articles
12 When Speech Goes Wrong: Evidence from Aphasia
Sheila E. Blumstein
20 Electric Vehicles Get Alert Signals to be Heard by Pedestrians: Benefits and Drawbacks
André Fiebig
30 The Evolution of Bat Robots Rolf Müller and Roman Kuc
48 Simulation-Based Auralization of Room Acoustics
Lauri Savioja and Ning Xiang
67 How a Frog Hears
Andrea Megela Simmons and Darlene R. Ketten
An Acoustical Society of America publication
Sound Perspectives
75 Addressing the Lack of Black Members
in the ASA
Tyrone Porter
77 The Need for A New Normal E. K. Ellington Scott
80 Being a Black Scholar James West
83 Ask an Acoustician: W. Owen Brimijoin W. Owen Brimijoin and Micheal L. Dent
86 Student and Regional Chapters: The Grass Roots of the ASA
Colby W. Cushing and Elizabeth F. Weidner
89 What Is Responsible Conduct of Research?
Robert J. Dooling and Melissa A. Thompson
6 Advertisers Index
38 Business Directory, Classifieds
93 Obituary
Wendy Herd | 1973–2020
94 Letters to the Editor
Kurtosis: A New Tool for Noise Analysis
Wei Qiu, William J. Murphy, and Alice Suter
The Soundscape of Twenty- First-Century Libraries
Gary W. Siebein, Keely M. Siebein, Marylin Roa, and Hyun G. Paek
  4 Acoustics Today • Winter 2020
About the Cover
Main image: Early soft-robotic bat robot with single-point lever actuation for flexible (silicone) noseleaf and pinnae. Inset: Trident bat (Asellia tridens). Photo courtesy of M. Brock Fenton. Both images are from "The Evolution of Bat Robots" by Rolf Müller and Roman Kuc.

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