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 Sound and Vibration Instrumentation
Scantek, Inc.
                Sound Level Meters
Selection of sound level meters for simple noise level measurements or advanced acoustical analysis
Building Acoustics
Systems for airborne sound transmission, impact insulation, STIPA, reverberation and other room acoustics measurements
Specialized Test Systems
Impedance tubes, capacity and
volume measurement systems, air-flow resistance measurement devices and calibration systems
Scantek, Inc.
Vibration Meters
Vibration meters for measuring overall vibration levels, simple to advanced FFT analysis and human exposure to vibration
Prediction Software
Software for prediction of environmental noise, building insulation and room acoustics using the latest standards
         Sound Localization
Near-field or far-field sound localization and identification using Norsonic’s state of the art acoustic camera
Temporary or permanent remote monitoring of noise or vibration levels with notifications of exceeded limits
Industrial Hygiene
Noise alert systems and dosimeters for facility noise monitoring or hearing conservation programs
          Multi-Channel Systems
Multi-channel analyzers for sound power, vibration, building acoustics and FFT analysis in the laboratory or in the field 800-224-3813
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