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  Recent Acoustical Society of America Awards and Prizes
Acoustics Today is pleased to present the names of the recipients of the various awards and prizes given out by the Acoustical Society of America. After the recipients are approved by the Executive Council of the Society at each
semiannual meeting, their names are published in the next issue of Acoustics Today.
Congratulations to the following recipients of Acoustical Society of America medals, awards, prizes, and fellowships, who will be formally be recognized at the Spring 2021 Plenary Session. For more information on the accolades, please see,, and
   Gold Medal
James F. Lynch
1Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA
Helmholtz-Rayleigh Interdisciplinary Silver Medal in Physical Acoustics and Engineering Acoustics
Michael R. Moldover
1National Institute of Standards and Technology [NIST], Gaithersburg, MD; retired 3/)9
R. Bruce Lindsay Award
Likun Zhang
1University of Mississippi, University
Medwin Prize in Acoustics Education
Ana Širović
1Texas A&M University, College Station
William and Christine Hartmann Prize in Auditory Neuroscience
Philip Joris
1Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
[Catholic University of Leuven; KU Leuven], Leuven, Belgium
Congratulations also to the following members who were elected Fellows in the Acoustical Society of America in
the spring 2021.
• Kathryn H. Arehart
(University of Colorado at Boulder)
for contributions to the understanding of auditory perception, hearing loss, and hearing aids
• Gregory Clement
(US Food and Drug Administration, Silver Spring, MD) for contributions to transcranial
therapeutic ultrasound
• Ewa Jacewicz
(Ohio State University, Columbus)
for contributions to the understanding of spec- tral and temporal dynamics in speech acoustics and perception
• Joan A. Sereno
(University of Kansas, Lawrence)
for contributions to speech learning, perception, and production across individuals and languages
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• Brian D. Simpson
(Air Force Research Laboratory, Dayton, OH)
for contributions to speech perception, spatial hear- ing, and the development of auditory displays
• Pamela E. Souza
(Northwestern University, Evanston, IL)
for advancing understanding of the factors that affect an individual’s response to hearing aid signal processing
• Daniel J. Tollin
(University of Colorado School of Medicine, Aurora) for multidisciplinary contributions linking acous- tics, physiology, and behavior to the understanding of binaural hearing
• Matthew W. Urban
(Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN)
for outstanding contributions to the field of ultra- sonic assessment of biologic tissue properties
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