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 their CV or next promotion but because they care deeply about the issue at hand and want to be part of making the Society better. There is devotion and commitment there, and the Society runs on it.
Value Proposition 2: It Is Enriching to Engage with Passionate People and the ASA is Full of Them
And where does this commitment and passion originate? Of course, each member will have to answer that for themselves, and each answer will be different. For me, it comes down to the people and culture. Although each technical com- mittee is distinct in many ways (see, a common thread is a culture of support and respect. I have sent many graduate students to present work that we have accomplished, knowing full well that they will make mis- takes. I also have a high level of confidence that the audience will point out mistakes or missed points in a supportive and constructive manner that elevates the student, not tears them down. Indeed, most ASA presentations I have given feel more like a group meeting where the audience is part of your team, offering suggestions and helping think through
the next steps or related consequences. When short com- ings are identified, it is done in a supportive rather than a condescending fashion. This culture of support extends to the many committees and task forces who come together to think deeply about how we can continually improve the support of our members both as individuals and groups and as a professional community.
Value Proposition 3: Everyone at the ASA Wants to See Everyone Else Succeed
For me, these value propositions undergird why I keep devoting my time and energy to the Society. If you are not a member, I’d encourage you to join us and get involved. I feel confident you will not be disappointed. I am so look- ing forward to engaging again with my ASA friends and colleagues in-person! I know Covid is weighing heavily on the minds of many. I can assure you, the same is true for the ASA leadership. In the end, I am confident that we made the right call to move forward with a full in-person meeting in Seattle with all the risk mitigation protocols that are in place. And Denver is just around the corner in spring of 2022!
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