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 Winter 2021 Volume 17, Issue 4
8 From the Editor 66
10 From the Vice President Featured Articles
48 How Machine Learning Contributes to Solve Acoustical Problems
Marie A. Roch, Peter Gerstoft, Bozena Kostek, and Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou
Sound Perspectives
57 Featured Sound Perspectives:
A Conversation with ASA Publications Editor in Chief Jim Lynch
James H. Miller, John A. Colosi, Timothy F. Duda, and James F. Lynch
Communicate Your Science: Engaging Public Audiences with Acoustics
Allison B. Coffin 72 As the Wind Blows: Turbulent Noise
on Outdoor Microphones
Gregory W. Lyons, Carl R. Hart, and Richard Raspet 75 Can We Use Ultrasound to Monitor
and Diagnose Lung Diseases?
Marie Muller and Libertario Demi
Valerian Tatarskii and Acoustic Wave Propagation in Random Media
Vladimir E. Ostashev, D. Keith Wilson, and John A. Colosi
78 The Discovery of Sound in the
Sea Project: Twenty Years of Success in Synthesizing Science for Nonexperts
Gail Scowcroft
81 Obituary
Glenis R. Long | 1943–2021
82 Advertisers Index, Business Directory, Classifieds
An Acoustical Society of America publication
Ask an Acoustician: Lily M. Wang
Lily M. Wang and Micheal L. Dent
70 The Sound Journey of a Future Acoustician
Brooke Dougherty
Technical Committee Report: Committee on Engineering Acoustics
Michael R. Haberman
Listening to the Voices of Spanish- Speaking Acousticians in the Americas
Zachery O. L’Italien, Fernando del Solar Dorrego, Ana M. Jaramillo, and Mariana Botero
   4 Acoustics Today • Winter 2021
About the Cover
Image of ruby red slippers from Wizard of Oz juxtaposed beside a neuromast from “Communicate Your Science: Engaging Public Audiences with Acoustics” by Allison B. Coffin. Image of slippers by Mikeledray at Shutterstock. Image of neuromast courtesy of Alexandria Hudson and Allison B. Coffin.

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