Page 7 - Volume 8, Issue 1 Winter 2013
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 Reporting to the Editor-in-Chief, the Publications Manager will lead a strategic, integrated program to ensure success of all publications of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA). This includes working with editors, associate editors and researchers to develop content, gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements through market research, and interfacing with the publisher’s editorial and production operations to provide a seamless process for all contributors to ASA publications. This position will support the overall strategies and goals of the Publications Office and requires representing ASA publications to all external stakeholders. This is a newly created full-time position for the ASA, to be located in the recently established Publications Office in West Barnstable, Massachusetts, with recruitment of additional support staff anticipated.
The Publications Manager is the chief point-of-contact and coordinator for all publications activities of the ASA.
Editorial functions
• Develop and generate, with the Editors, a strategic publications plan to ensure ASA products are the
leading publications in their fields
• Work with the publisher’s marketing and sales staff to showcase ASA publications across media channels
including the web and social media, and conduct author outreach to engage community and develop
and promote ASA products
• Identify and commission content that will increase the scientific quality and impact of publications and
work with the Editors on acquisition of such content
• In conjunction with the Editor-in-Chief, establish, monitor and modify policies and/or procedures to
enhance the publications process
• Identify hot/special/emerging topics
Marketing functions
• Work closely with the Editors to determine content as a basis for marketing efforts and for focused
online features aimed at generating or enhancing presence in key areas
• Work with the publisher’s marketing staff to ensure marketing materials are up-to-date and reflect new
features and enhancements
• Publicize and market ASA publications utilizing all internal communication tools
• Develop and implement programs to increase external marketing of ASA publications in collaboration
with the publisher and other organizations
• Support ASA fundraising efforts as needed
Managerial functions
• Monitor all product related statistics, make forecasts, ensure contingencies are in place, and periodically
report to ASA Officers and Managers and the ASA Executive Council on publication activities and programs

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