Page 9 - Volume 8, Issue 1 Winter 2013
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                                         FROM THE EDITOR
Dick Stern
1150 Linden Hall Road Boalsburg, Pennsylvania 16827
  This issue of Acoustics Today is the first time that all the articles were derived from the presentations of a special session of an Acoustical Society of America meeting. The 162nd meeting of the Society took place in San Diego, California this year and the special session was titled Demystifying Standards. It was organized by Paul Schomer and Susan Blaeser, who are also the guest editors of this issue. The authors of the articles were the presenters at the session. My congratulations go to Paul and Susan—first, for organizing the session and second, for their ability to convince the presenters to rewrite their presen- tations for a magazine format. The articles are excellent. We hope that members of the Society will decide to join many of their colleagues and volunteer for standards work. If you like meaningful problems to solve that come to closure, standards might be just the thing for you.
Paul D. Schomer
Schomer and Associates Inc. 2117 Robert Drive Champaign, Illinois 61821
Susan B. Blaeser
ASA Standards Secretariat 35 Pinelawn Road, Suite 114E Melville, New York 11747
 Standards Program and its value to stakeholders including those from indus- try, government, consult- ants, and others. We wanted to explain the importance of standards, not only within the U.S., but internationally. Finally, we wanted to high- light the role of ASA in enabling and facilitating the development of both American National Standards
  8 Acoustics Today, January 2012
The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) Committee on Standards (ASACOS) sponsored a spe- cial interdisciplinary session at the 162nd Meeting of the Society in San Diego entitled Demystifying Standards. The goal of this session was to bring together a number of invited papers that would demonstrate the technical breadth of the ASA

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