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                                     Publications available from the Acoustical Society of America
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The ASA book publishing
program began with the
mission to provide out-of- members of the ASA print classic works that would otherwise be unavailable to new generations of acoustical scientists and engineers. From that foundation the collection has grown to include poster collections, translations, reprint collections, historic and biographical works, CDs and DVDs.
       A wide array of acoustical topics are covered including architectural acoustics, noise, speech and hearing, physical acoustics, vibration, musical acoustics, and underwater acoustics. Historic works are offered such as the history of acoustics from antiquity to the time of Isaac Newton, development of the violin, and the development of the field of electroacoustics, among others.
Authors include well-known present and past researchers who are distinguished acousticians and authorities in their fields.
Tables of Contents and Prefaces are available for free download at the ASA bookstore.
To order visit the ASA bookstore at
The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) was established in 1929 to increase the knowledge of acoustics and to promote its practical application. Its 7000 members worldwide represent a broad spectrum of the study of acoustics. For more information about the Society visit our website,

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