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                Acoustical Society of America
ASA’s meetings proceedings publication
Open access No author fees Flexible format Rapid publication
Authors of papers submitted for presentation at the Portland meeting are invited to submit written versions of their papers to the Acoustical Society of America's new archival serial publication, "Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics" (POMA).
Each article in POMA corresponds to a paper that has been presented at a meeting of the Society. It is open-access, so all articles can be viewed without charge by anyone with the capability of down- loading material from the internet.
Each article will be reviewed by an Associate Editor, each of whom represents a Technical Committee of the Society.
Format requirements for manuscripts submitted to POMA are very flexible, with the desire that authors will not have to spend too much time in the actual preparation of their manuscripts. It is required that you include no previously copyrighted material in your paper unless you have explicit permission to do so.
Submission guidelines are found at
Articles published in POMA are found at

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