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Strategic Plan (Goal 2: Member Engagement and Diversity). During his internship, Ernesto will focus on writing articles about international acoustic programs as well as provide in- sightful interviews of the work of Latin American acousti- cians. One unique feature of these articles is that they will be presented on the AT Web page in both English and Span- ish. One goal here is outreach to Latin American colleagues, especially before we have our next ASA meeting in Cancun (Fall 2020).
Finally, I am very pleased to announce that Dr. Micheal Dent of the University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, is joining AT as an
associate editor. Last year, ASA Editor in Chief Jim Lynch made the observation that each of the ASA editors should have a “backup” in case there is a reason the editor cannot do an issue (e.g., illness). I invited Micheal to take on this role for AT because she already has experience as an asso- ciate editor for both JASA and Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (POMA). Micheal will work with me in selecting and editing articles as well as serving as a source of advice and collaboration.
 NEWS from the Acoustical Society Foundation Fund
 The original Acoustical Society Foundation was a sepa- rate charitable fund outside the direction of the Acous- tical Society of America (ASA) started by farsighted senior members of the Society to support nonopera- tional activities of the Society. This Foundation was merged into the Society in 2009. Today, the Acousti- cal Society Foundation Fund has a corpus of around $7.5 million. The earnings and current contributions related to these accounts provide sustained support for stipends, fellowships, scholarships, travel, prizes, med- als, and awards, all focused on the recognition of de- serving talent that supports the goals of the Society and the Foundation (see Figure 1). Next year, the Executive Council is scheduled to approve disbursements of over $200,000.
The Foundation Board is an Administrative Commit- tee of the ASA. In the implementation of the strategic plan and new organizational chart, the Board reports directly to the new Administrative Council on Financ- es. All Board members volunteer their time; there are no paid administrative costs other than the overhead
Figure 1.
allocations for support from ASA headquarters and the proportional expenses of the financial investment firms of the ASA. None of the current or future resources of the Foundation are used for any operational expenses of the Society. The Foundation welcomes and appreci- ates donations to the Fund.
If you have any suggestions or questions about our ac- tivities, please let me hear from you.
Carl Rosenberg
Chair, Acoustical Society Foundation Board
   Mission of the Acoustical Society Foundation Board:
To support the mission of the ASA by developing financial resources for strategic initiatives and special purposes.
 ASFF For more information, contact: Carl Rosenberg at
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