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 Acoustics ‘17 Boston
 25—29 June 2017
Joint Meeting of the
Acoustical Society of America
European Acoustics Association
The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) and the European Acoustics Association (EAA) invite acousticians from around the world to participate in Acoustics ’17 Boston to be held 25-29 June 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. A broad range of topics in acoustics will be covered in technical sessions and keynote lectures. Presentations on emerging topics are especially encouraged. Social events, student events, and an accompanying persons program will be organized. The best features of meetings of both organizations will be combined to offer a premier venue for presenting your work to an international audience.
Boston is the capitol and largest city in Massachusetts and is one of the oldest
cities in the United States. It is on the Atlantic coast and is home to many historic sites dating back to the American Revolution, in addition to many other cultural and recreational features. The climate in June is very pleasant and ideal for arranging visits before and after the meeting.
 Please join us!
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 Photo courtesy of Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau

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