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Matthew Guild is a research scientist in
the Acoustics Division at the US Naval
Christina I. Naify is a mechanical engi- ,“  Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washing-
neer at the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasa- . N V P ton, DC. He received his PhD from The
dena, CA. She has been actively involved 4' University of Texas at Austin in 2012,
in the Acoustical Society of America  ‘ followed by postdoctoral research on
" for nine years, has served as a member . acoustic meta.materials at the Universi-
‘ on the Structural Acoustic Technical tat Politecnica de Valencia in Valencia,
*4 Committee, and is chair of the Tutori- Spain, and a National Research Council (NRC) postdoc-
als Committee within the Society. Dr. Naify received a BS in toral research associateship at the NRL. In addition to his
mechanical engineering from the University of California, research, Dr. Guild is also an adjunct professor in the Me-
Berkeley, and a MS and PhD in materials science from the chanical Engineering Department at Catholic University of
University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Current re- America in Washington, DC, where he currently teaches a
search interests focus on acoustic metarnaterials for both air graduate-level course on acoustic metamaterials.
and Wale‘ mvmmmems' Caleb Sieck is a National Research
' Michael R. Haberman received his BS in Council postdoctoral research associate
mechanical engineering from the Uni- at the US Naval Research Laboratory in
versity of Idaho, Moscow, MS and PhD Washington, DC. He received his BS in
in 2007 in mechanical engineering from electrical engineering from the Universi-
Georgia Tech, Atlanta, and Diplome de _:.’ ty of Arkansas, Fayetteville, MS in archi-
Doctorat in 2006 in engineering me- \ ' tectural engineering from the University
chanics from the Universite' de la Lor- of Nebraska-Lincoln, and PhD in elec-
raine, France. He isanassistant professor in the Department trical engineering from The University of Texas at Austin
of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Texas (UT) in 2017. His current research interests are in acoustic wave
at Austin, with an appointment at the Applied Research Lab- propagation in complex media, including acoustic metarna-
oratories at UT. Research interests include elastic/acoustic terials and Willis materials.
wave propagation in complex media, acoustic metarnateri-
als, and transduction materials. He serves as an associate
editor of The Iourmzl of the Acoustical Society of America and
chair of the Engineering Acoustics Technical Committee of
the Acoustical Society of America.
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